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Launching Google Chrome Incognito Window By Default

We have shared tips on how to launch Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox in private browsing mode by default, today I will be sharing a simple trick to start Google Chrome in private browsing Incognito mode by default.

Latest beta builds of Google Chrome now supports a new incognito mode command-line switch, to create a shortcut based on this simply follow the steps as follows:

  1. Update Google Chrome browser to latest BETA build, see instructions here.
  2. Right-click the Google Chrome shortcut and copy the full-string from Target textbox.
  3. Right-click on Desktop, Click New -> Shortcut
  4. Paste the copied link from first-step, appending --incognito as shown below and click Next.
  5. Google Chrome Incognito
  6. Type in a name of your choice for the shortcut, eg. "Incognito" and click Finish.
  7. Using this shortcut will launch Google Chrome Incognito mode for private web-browsing.


it did not work

I followed the steps and it gave me an error about the path I gave it

you press
ctrl + shift + n and it should work

Will it work even if the steps in this tutorial have not been performed?

like him

I had the same problem, you need to put the --incognito outside the "

Worked for me

even with --incognito to the right of the ", the google default chrome screen appeared instead of the secure one. maybe you have to somehow tell chrome's settings on which screen is the default ???

The screenshot above shows that you need to put a space between the last doublequote and the first dash. I'm guessing maybe it doesn't work if you don't include that space.

I think he missed a step in this process thats why everyone cant get it to work

it worked for me
btw i use vista

This is trivial and works just fine.

great! Thanks!

nice tweak

I didn't follow the instructions exactly, though. All I did was right click an existing shortcut in the Quick Launch bar + add the " --incognito" part at the end of the quotes (space included).

Simple. Easy. Useful. Great. Thanks!

actually it is just "location" -incognito and not "location" --incognito . This will help out.

actually it is "location" -incognito and not "location" --incognito

put a space after the 2nd " and its fine

i managed to get this to work for vista but cant get it to work with windows 7???

try only one of the dash marks

It wasnt working for me for a while but that was until i put a space in between the last part of the path and the first - before --incognito.

you have to copy the original chrome shortcut and copy a new shortcut...crucial step. Then change the properties in this shortcut by right clicking - propeties - go to the end of the target, add one space then --incognito. Apply, every time you want to go incognito open this shortcut

you have to put 2 dashes before incognito. --incognito not -incognito

It works the way the author instructed, not the way that makes sense.

Run: chrome --incognito

just hold ctrl+shift+N while u have google chrome open and the incognito window should pop up

cd %windir%\..\Iron\Profile\Default
copy/y "Extension Cookies0" "Extension Cookies"
copy/y Cookies0 Cookies

The Cookie0 files are copies from a clean
install and with only cookies from a few sites
where i actually found cookies to be useful
or needed.

It works, however you have to remember to start gc from that specific shortcut.

This tip worked the very first time I tried it.

You guys who didn't get it to work, the tips (read the instructions) will solve your problems. When you add the '--incognitio' line to the target path, just make sure you do it exactly as the author of this tip describes. If you are off by only a space or only have one hyphen instead of two, the thing won't work.

when the quote ends, just hit the space bar and type -incognito. i use the startmenu alot and i just edit that shortcut and either i search chrome (vista or 7) or i pin it to the startpanel (xp) and click it. Thanks - it's so simple and useful :thumbsup:

Hello.. why is everyone posting the same lame thing?... People want to open the chrome browser in incognito when a link is clicked and not starting up in the start menu.. LAMERS

popups in the Chrome incognito show up under the regular Chrome, because I can not change the default browser to the incognito. How do I make my default browser in windows as "Chrome Incognito"

There's the magic question. I had Chrome (incog) as the default browser at one time and I did software changes recently and now it's all lost. Sure, I can bring up a Forgetful Chrome simply by clicking on an icon but my problem is that every time I want to click on any mail link from Yahoo! Messenger, it brings up the regular Chrome and not the incognito. I haven't found anywhere yet to redirect this.

Thank you works great!

I was able to get incognito chrome to open from other apps by modifying the registry value HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ChromeHTML\shell\open\command to "C:\Users\Todd\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -incognito -- "%1"

Hope this helps those looking to do more than open incog only from a shortcut.

Thanks, Todd. Apparently you're the only one who understood the question...

Simple and easy, worked perfectly- thanks!

How do you know it's in incognito mode and not just the regular?

the window will have the icon on the top left corner of a "spy" with a hat and sunglasses. it will also say in the main area that youve gone incognito

Thanks for all, that such helpful information for me.Thank you for share that info.

"C:\Users\Skelly7\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -incognito

copy that to the location

Key note that this is only creating a shortcut to Incognito Mode. If Chrome is your default browser and another program, etc opens your default browser you will not be in Incognito Mode.

Make sure you rename the Google Chrome shortcut first to whatever, than go to Properties and put this in the target path, and after you apply it you can change the name back or to whatever you want.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -incognito

Format for the shortcut: "Application Location"-incognito -Working(Win7)
Application Location example=

Its not a default really,
When you click a link(ie. on skype, opening an html file), it will still open a chrome(non incognito window)

so it not really a default, you are just setting the exe file to open an incognito window.

It works fine, but still opens a normal page first and then an incognito page. Its as if the CTRL_SHIFT+n has been automated.

Isn't it possible to open only the Incognito page by default?

btw it worked with both single and double dash "-" for me.

This mode is really helpful when you are on a shared computer or using a public computer.

thank u very much

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