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The "Big G" Wants To Track Everywhere You Go And Target Advertising

We all know that Google (or infact any online service supported by advertising) and privacy do not get along very well, be it the Google Shared Endorsements, the all-new Smart Caller ID, Google Street View and even Google Glass. The aim of Google to get more and more information about you (see Google Toilet video) is not only to help organize your life but also do highly targeted behavioral advertising (see The Google Master Plan) and Google is now taking this to a whole new level with reports of a beta program which tracks consumers purchasing habits at physical stores via smartphones.

Google Tracking

Read more about this Google offline tracking project at -


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For anyone not up to the times, there is the Adblock Plus (, make sure you're at the right site; there are clones and fakes!) for browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome..
&& also, some other nifty (hefty! :)) Add-ons / browser extensions, like, NoScript and DoNotTrackMe

.. Internet ads are a thing of past! I will only (!) allow them, temporarily or permanently, for my favorite sites like

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