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Exclusive Giveaway For Our Blog Readers Of The Largest External Hard Drive Backup Utility

Handy Backup LogoLargest external hard drive backup might be a cunning thing. On the one hand it entices you with the superlative degree: l a r g e s t! If there is hard drive to offer enough space for backing up ALL the valuable data you have (plus videos of kitties doing tricks), it is most surely the largest one.

But just like a butterfly attracted by the light of a candle, you might find issues with possessing the object of your desire as you go after backup to the external hard drive. Let’s see how Handy Backup, probably the most powerful backup utility, can help us to deal with the largest hard drive. The good news is that we are giving away EXCLUSIVE FREE ACTIVATION KEYS for powerful backup solution "Handy Backup Pro" to our blog readers, read on for details.

Handy Backup Solution For Windows Computers

When it comes to backups, the first thing to manage in view of the largest hard drive backup is (what would you think?) to get the largest hard drive. Which one is the largest by the way? Currently, 3TB is a popular choice, and even roomy devices are available. Just remember that one or two sizes smaller than the largest drive that's currently available is usually the sweet spot in the price range.

But who needs the common sense if the piggy bank has enough coins and one wants to be the Kung Fu Master of personal data storage? Suppose we got the largest drive; time to consider software for backup to external hard drives.

…Or not? Before using backup software, it makes sense to get your hard drive operating. The grim reality fact is that it might be a problem to make your PC see something bigger than 2.2TB the right way. The thing is that Microsoft is not so optimistic about you using storages larger than 2.2TB in its 32-bit consumer operating systems (including Windows 7). In fact they are that not-so-optimistic about ‘monster’ storages that the support of >2.2TB is also excluded from the 64-bit XP. Even if you manage to work the problem out somehow, it is highly probable that the storage will be like 2.2TB plus additional capacity (say, 800GB for a 3TB drive), the two volumes instead of a single drive.

But there is no such thing Microsoft can screw so badly it can’t be crutched, the commonly known wisdom of masses says. Fortunately, there are drivers and utilities that help to use gigantic hard drives as an additional storage with Windows, from XP to later editions. So, suppose we got the object of our passion, the lovely largest hard drive, operating properly.

What does a neat program should be like to manage the largest hard drive backup respectfully? That’s what Handy Backup offers:

+ Everything backup

So, you want your backup software to store EVERYTHING on the largest hard drive? Let it be everything! Files, folders, disk images, applications (oh, the precious nerve saving Outlook backup), system settings, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Lotus Notes, other ODBC-compatible databases, your favorite type of data. Handy Backup’s powerful functionality expandable up to eternity with the plug-ins backs up everything you need.

+ Variety of supported media

Want to back up data FROM your largest external hard drive? Well, that could take lots of media. Backup to DVD, Blu-ray, USB drives, and other popular carriers are readily supported by Handy Backup. Back up to FTP and SFTP? Not a problem.

+ Spanning

So, you transfer data from the largest external hard drive to the variety of supported media? Isn’t the data from the largest drive going to be bulky for storing on less capacious carriers? Not with Handy Backup and its’ spanning talent. Separate the backups into parts easily and get them gained together when you need them. Backup software to DVD has never been friendlier.

+ Online backup cloud storage

Care about security of your backup data? Keep it on a protected remote server in an underground data center, with the Online Backup cloud storage option by Handy Backup. And yes, there is enough space there to store the entire largest drive.

+ Ultimate automation

The largest hard drive longs for plenty of data. And plenty of data is plenty of efforts to properly manage it. This is a formula no more actual with Handy Backup, as all the backup tasks are easily schedulable. Set it once and let the software do the dull job (it will be happy to).

+ Powerful network backup

Your largest external hard drives are in a network? Great! Handy Backup is the right server backup software to fit your backup needs as there are centralized ‘one-man’ control of network backup, backup of MS Exchange, invisible for workstation backup in the Windows service mode, and other smart backup options.

Hope this brief overview helped you to get some enthusiasm about considering handy software and pointed out tips to accomplish the backup mission gorgeously. Because gorgeously is exactly how the largest hard drive deserves it.

P.S.: By the way, careful users may discover that the volume size of the largest external hard drive is not the same to what the manufacturers impose to be the nominal capacity. The reason is the difference in the ways your computer and those manufacturers see what the volume size is.

Manufacturers: 1.2TB = 1,200GB = 1,200,000MB = 1,200,000,000KB = 1,200,000,000,000byte

Computer: 1,200,000,000,000byte/1024 = 1,171,875,000KB/1024 = 1,144,400.91796875MB = 1,140GB = 1.14TB.

The difference something like 5%-10% is common and shouldn’t worry you thus.

Backups are a must for every computer user dealing with important data - be it files, music, videos or images. Luckily our blog readers have a chance to win a free copy of total 20 free licenses of "Handy Backup Pro", to participate just leave a comment below telling "how you plan to use this backup solution ?" - dont forget to leave your valid email address in "email" filed to receive the activation key.

Download Handy Backup :


i need this backup software for my parents pc! :)

thank you!

i need this software for my parents pc! :)


I am SO worried, since Windows 7, that I'll lose my OS... It's scary, to say the least. For only with Windows7 & Chrome I am finally able to keep a system up and running, while installing tens of programs a week. It's like a treasure case full with unexptected tricks : )

If you can keep it safe for me, I would truely appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing!

Postbode @ FB

please send activation key thank u

want to back up my laptop disk to my external HDD


how you plan to use this backup solution ?

i will store my important files like images videos


this is cool man, i wanna try this one

Hello this is rohit das and my email is
I plan to use it for backing up all the data in my computer as i will be going to upgrade my OS. This program will help me alot in doing this process. It might also help me in the future in case of harmful viruses and help to recover my data. It has an advantage over normal potable hard drives as in case of some accident our hard drives may fail and we might loose all the data, but in this case the data is stored online and so we don't need to fear for any data loss and plus it has a lot of space in it.
My email:

I would like to use it so i can backup online, the best option anf for sure the safiest

I have seven harddrives on my computer for a total of 6TB of storage. Two of these I want to dedicate for backups and images. I have been looking at many programs to help me do this, but a free and very good one would be greatly appreciated.

Please put my name in for this drawing.

Thank you for bringing this offer to us!!!


if i win this gift, i will use this software to create regular backup of my partition...



i'd very much appreciate having the activation key for this interesting software. it would be most useful to back up my new 3t.

thanx for making offers like this available to us :)

I plan to store my personal website files and possibility my cooking recipes on the backup server. Since it's a sync-able software, it would be handy for me as I have a desktop, a laptop, a tablet and a smart phones. (Yea I know I have alots of crap, but nowadays that's the mainstream right? :) )

Anything that will replace the Windows backup. I have a large collection of movies and ebooks.

Being a long time user of Handy Back Up this is not going to be difficult. Just bought a new lap top for the road, with lots of space and power. This opportunity is just in time, to make the new laptop a complete package by getting Handy Back Up installed. Making the future better and better!!

to back up my file server

I just removed an external hard drive from it's case because the power supply went bad, and I am installing it inside my pc tower to serve as a place to backup my primary hard drive. Handy Backup Pro would definitely help me to perform the backup processes once it is installed.

I have 3 internal hard drives in my floortop (too big for a desk top!) computer, and two of the three are "critical" in terms of needing backup to a single large external HD. Each of my internal HDs are 1 TB in size; with external giant-capacity HDs now available, I would like to be able to back up two of my internal HDs to a SINGLE external HD, instead of a plethora of 500 GB drives.

"Handy Backup" is the perfect solution to my problem.

If you kindly grant me a license, my problem will be solved in almost a heartbeat!

Many thanks for this opportunity.

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Wow, they're also giving online storage!!!
It will be very useful to my all media files because i've a huge collection of it and i don't want to loose it...

this is how i plan to use handy backup first my Movie collection its Huge all divx but its allready taking on too much space for my laptop to handle .Next would be my Music and thats at least over 30gb Tooo much space again i would have to get a decent size external hdd but no worrie i got my handy backup to help me keep all my Research Folders safe from delition .then i would back up all photos and holiday movies italy france mauritious australia bali and more my laptop is slowing down but now that i have handy backup more worries and the laptop would be free to run like new again ..thanks

I have an 80GB, 2 300GB, 1 500GB & an external 400GB. I just rescued a 300GB to a 500GB when it started to make a whinney noise. The other hard drives are basically the same age, so it is close if not time to back up my data. I have over a months worth of movies (yes watching them 24\7 with no repeats, So I can't re-aquire them. If I lose them they is gone for good!! I can afford a 2TB hard drive. So with this "IT SHALL BE DONE"!! I now wonder how long my system will be on to get this done. Days, maybe?

I am a pretty hardcore user that who always get new HDD for new storage. Some of my media data such as pictures (illustration, graphics designs), videos productions, audio productions, software (my personalized mobile app/web app), documents (sources for my works for clients), websites (includes mysql) to be backup in individual online backup website.

I have a lot of troubles to upload all of them into a single cloud as some websites have limited cloud spaces/unsynchronized/trial period etc...

The rest are placed in my servers (USA/EU/Asia), usually I transfer them via FTP/SFTP/Remotely.

I am planning to backup them all in one using this solution which it seems to be useful for me.

More backups at different location is a PLUS for me!

What an awesome solution - Handy Backup Pro!

thanks man

Currently running a desktop with four large drives. Would like to back up one larger drive.

I have a 1TB Hard drive thats almost full, I would love to back it ALL up to cloud, Thanks for the chance to win this awesome software!

hope to win

Got a lot to lose!!!!

I intend to backup all my squash coaching videos

im gonna backup all my hd games...

Hope this worth, I have tried others without much luck.

To backup my and wife's laptops using a NAS HDD on a Fritzbox wireless router, need to backup weekly.

To be honest, I don't have an external hard drive at the moment but i am planning on getting one and this program would help immensely with backing up all my music as well as pictures, games and other applications saved on my laptop.

change movies-life-dreams by being able to break down stor select millions of tunes in hundreds of mways and then addi9ng/changing-createing and you/I would be able to do it now-not having search/find and guess it would be there now !!! My homepage ius gone--but be back soon???

I have 6 internal large drive. This product is a godsend!

I will use Handy Backup Pro to backup my music and hone video archive.

Improving other available software storage capabilities.

i would backup my entire server with this.

Hi this is awesome software.i'm worry about the store the data.this software is use full for me..

Backup my data & photos to USB Hard drive. Create a image of system so all my settings can be restore at later date.

this is very good and it helps a lot in keeping our important files safe

Wow, that's what I need

nice software, i want it

I using backup to save my date when system is crash or lose the date.
thanks for this great giveaway.

i plan to use this backup solution for drive mirroring in order to save time reformatting :)

I design, build and manage CMS websites, so have tons of stuff that needs fully backed up on a daily basis. This programme should be ideal, so I look forward to having a go at it, so to speak.

The application is hyper easy to use. The wizard will practically take you through every step and the more complicated options are throughly explained.
I will use this application to backup my computer hard drive by creating images of hard disk ( snapshot ).

Thanks for this giveaway.


The application is hyper easy to use. The wizard will practically take you through every step and the more complicated options are throughly explained.

I will use this application to backup my computer hard drive by creating images of hard disk ( snapshot ).

Thanks for this giveaway.


i'll use it for backing-up my whole HDD. I got projects, family pictures, important data and so on...
I'll make sure to use most features: I'm a man who discovers features while using a software, not while reading a review but i can already guess I'll be using most features from what i read

i will back up everything that i have digital, for prosperity

I have long been seeking such a program. After several rallies Handy, a few repairs and data loss, this program can solve the key problems. Thanks for very good contest and very useful software!

I will use the program to back up all my:
Music, Games, School Documents, Movies, TV Shows, email, Softwares, iTunes games and phone contacts. I also want to use some of the space on my hard drive as I haven't use much of it.

Plz send me the licence of Handy email addres is


i have my data stored on many different computers throughout the house and would love to be able to run a single backup program to collect all that data in one place.

I want the licence Key as I use the trial version of this software before & I just love this software very very handy software for backup

I think you never run out of having the best data collection even if your harddrive crashes wich happens more offen than you think.


I was really looking for a good drive image backup software, and this looks to be it.
I plan to use this on my computer, plus other computers i fix at work.

i need to backup all the photos iv taken of my 6 month old twin girls. i cant loose those.

Secure data !


I would use it to perform a daily backup of my Windows Live Mail database and also of modified files into My Documents, excluding music & video. Daily backup destination would be an external HDD and quarterly full backups would be on DVD.
Thanks for the Giveaway !

I have e mails and photos going back 15 years scattered on many Hard Drives, I would love to back them all up in one secure location.


yes.thenks a lot.i plan to use this for regular back-up and imaging my home PC.hope to win.regards

for backup of course , i have five largest external hard drive....thanks for this soft...



It would be very handy for me, since I needed something like this for a long time.

If I had HB I used to regularly backup the registry, important Outlook folders and full copies of my documents and databases.I perform incremental backups of memory card content on mobile devices like smartphone and photocamera.

I plain to use this backup solution to backup my system volume of my PC

i always like to have experiment with my system..which sometimes create dump or crash problem to my system..then it becomes difficult to get back to the same condition as my sytem was earlier..because sometimes windows restore tool fails to restore..due to which i always loose my data...i want this software as it is the good utility to backup and restore my will help me to solve my problem that i am facing daily .. i need it so that i can have my system backup on my external hard disk drive..
i wish that i can have a key for handy backup pro from you..thanks for organising such a beautiful giveaway

i have another backup utility to my external HDD (Seagate)
but i want to try Handy Backup
i will use it to backup movie`s and photos for now

As a profession backup is a must! I think this one will come in handy and timely for me.
Thanks in advance!

to back up stuff of course :P

I will use Handy Backup Pro to backup my System Disk, and other important files. And I think I can use it with Dropbox, SO I can backup my files to Dropbox.

Need it to solve the issue of backing up a couple of Tb drives and the business data.....struggling with our present 'solution'...not really a solution.



I plan to use this software for my monthly / quarterly OS files backup for disk image.
I also plan to use this backup to restore on my other computer machine kept in my hometown for my brother to use for his studies.

My backup plan are by using image backup for my system drive, for disaster when they occured. And by using a file backup for backuping very important files, program settings and registries for easy setup when formatting. Backup is save me more time in doing things done.!/vj_onix/status/97237561101127680

I am planning to use this backup solution to backup everything i have in my PC at my external HDD.

oh God,i need this software cz to backup my photo n videos..

I have loads of data in my pc. Recently, due 2 sme prob, my pc failed 2 start operating. wen i enquired frm an engg, he told me dat formatting was da best option available, wich i cudnt. bt nw, wid a "handy backup" tool , ican probably do da needful !!

how can i activate Handy Backup

Gracias por la clave.
Me servirá de mucho

Dear Admin.

Thanks for giveaway the accounts of handy backup.I deliberately needed this to store my media files on this online backup software.


I use different applications for Backup HD but complicated results on various systems.
This promises to be greatly attractive, I expect eager to take the best result with your application Handy Backup PRO.
Upon receiving congratulations for giving the best advice.
Greetings from Bogota Colombia.
Jorge Arturo

how can i activate Handy Backup? Thanks

well i am a medical student i need to keep backup of my lectures and the videos of surgery in case if there is some data loss due to any reason so its good to use backup software for this.

This would be a very handy program to back up my site and all the other ideas that I have for it. I could also fresh install windows on my machine with just the main progs on it and back that up as well , what a timesaver that would be.

Thanks a lot for this giveaway. I would appreciate if you could count me in. If I win, I plan to use this application to backup at an external hard drive. Best regards.
PS: I've shared here

thanks for the giveaway..
The Plan is : i have a HP Pavilion 1256 Tx laptop of 500 Gb internal hard disk..
its back up is necessary for the purpose that it contains some sweet memory Pictures, some documents and stuff related to my work and study ... backup is essential isn't it.. :P

I plan on using the backup software to backup my family pictures.

simply one click easy backup.

I would use this utility to back-up anything important in my computer. I have some important files in my computer too. I need back-up devices and a really good utility to do it with.

Thanks a lot!



This will allow me to make sure I never have a problem with my system when it hangs. I will always be able to get it up and running again quickly and easily.

Seems very practical to select the type of backup you want, just backup documents, records ext ... Thanks

To have a good backup software is very essential for everybody, of course, for me too. everybody may lose your valuable data in the computer after the system crash or something else, but if you have a good backup program, you are never afraid of this, because you always can restore them from backup. Thank you very much for this great offer. This program is really very needful for me.

I have several computers and non are backed up. Don't trust cloud sites. This would be great. Hope I WIN!!!

have several computers and need to back up data. recently lost a bunch of pictures i had on a thumb drive that failed. i didn't have them backed up so now i have to try and retake them.

I am desperatly looking for a tool to backup files from my previous laptop.

I am not very sure about it's features and I haven't used it either. Would be a please to get a copy. Thanks to Megaleecher.

I would like to participate in the giveaway. I would use Handy Backup Pro to backup everything including my media files, personal & work files.

I have an external drive that's 2TB in size. I intend to back-up my hard drive including applications. I've got too many things in my C drive... I'm curious about how to back up in the cloud with this utility, how it compares to online backup services in terms of speed and accuracy

This looks like an awesome program! I would use this to back up every computer on our network! That's about 5 computers at the moment, lol. Not much, but with 3 kids, it'll grow! Thanks!

I wanna backup all my precious photos, that are now sitting on a 2 TB wd drive, to my verbatim external harddrive...

i haven't installed any backup software yet, so i don't have a backup. i will use this software to make a backup of my system and everyday backup automatically.
i think that's it.
thank you.

Great plan on using to store my videos, DVD movies, songs, authored literature Thank you for sending activation key. Xandr

thanks giveaway!

for once i would like a backup that would backup everything, not just this and that. I have had crashes that required a total reinstallation from scratch because the "backup program" didn't have all the files and opreating system or had some of it and when restored to that it crashed. I have great hopes for this program, Thanks

Nice stuff.Thanks.

Basically to do a backup of my documents, photos and videos that I think they are very valuable for me.

Many thanks for this GiveAway...

thanks for photoshop

Cool! I want this awesome program - Handy Backup Pro. I will use this solution to backup all my disk images, Outlook personal folders and video files that I never have a chance to backup them due to the file sizes. Now I know Handy Backup Pro can help me to deal with the largest hard drive. Handy Backup Pro Rockz! Cheers!

I need this so bad....I can be a clutz and I need the clouds to fall back on. Something that won't break my back when I fall. Please give me the free Handy Backup Pro. My stuff is not saved and safe and I am scared!

i want to use it for my secondary pc.


Count me in please...

i am planning to make a backup of my home network

Thanks a lot

As I'm using a old computer with limited memory capacity (40GB), your offer would immensely help me to store & back-up my additional data and reduce data in my Hard Drive, in order to speed up My Computer. Thanks a lot, Megaleecher for the Wonderful Offers/Tips that you give to the readers periodically. Keep up the good works. Cheers!

Will use to backup movies and personal files.

well i'll back up my full hard disk and make the replacement them later

I can't wait to take the frustration out of backups. I have to send my laptop back for service and I am going to use this to copy everything I have on it...and not worry about losing anything. Even programs!

I assume that since I haven't received an email message from you (or your staff), that I was not fortunate enough to be granted a license.

I'll be removing my installed copy of "HandyBackup" which turns out to be not so "handy".

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Ambient Art is a Filming/photographic production studio and it had merged with Frostbite Creations which does similar things as Dreamworks. With the merge, the computers need way to not be overfilled as we may recycle our ideas into other films. We would need some working space and if the computer is slow then the film decoding/encoding/ rendering would take some time also. So, having this would be very beneficial.

i heard that it works great

its really great, if i can have this software it will be very great i can can do many things in it. thank u very much 4 the software and i wish u will end me the activation key.

send me the activation key... thank u

Did anyone get it?

Address left.

Have a 1.5TB drive that I would like to use only for complete backup. May I have a key please? Thanks.

I need this software so bad, many times when my little brother goes on my computer he somehow messes with the registry and destroys my files :( Im at college now so i need to look after my work and keep it safe, so if i could have an activation key i would be really thankful. Thanks in advance.


This a MUST have Software!!!

Hi I hope I win the giveaway.. I want it I want it..:)

Hello this is Adam shin and my email is
I plan to use it for backing up all the data in my working notebook as i will be going to go out anywhere. I think this program will help me alot in doing this process.

An other great Giveaway...

I'll be waiting for my key.

I want to Backup my complet Win7Prof 1TB harddrive. Please send me the key

Thanks for sharing this SW. It will be really helpful for me to store my music folders and my outlook e-mail folders.
Thanks a lot.

Thanks for sharing this SW. It will be really helpful for me to backup my music folders and outlook e-mail files.
Thanks again.

I was so happy to read about this topic. If will be bless to receive one of the 20 free licenses that will be given by "Handy Backup Pro", I will use this backup solution to backup all the important files on my computer such as my family pictures, favorite music and videos, important documents, and etc. Through this, I know that all my important files will be secured and protected.

I'd love this as there's so many things to backup in my computer

Thanks for this Giveaway.I am going to use this software to create a system image of my hard disk so that i can restore it when i needed or in case of any damage to the system.Hope i win.

Just bought a 3 TB external HD. fortunately my Vista Home Premium 32-bit recognized it without any problems!! According to what I've read so far, it shouldn't have! Lucky me. Now it is time for a backup utility that really works with these big drives and that was designed to handle them, and this seems to be Handy Backup Pro case. So, after 30 years no NOT making any kind of backups, and NOT loosing any really important information on all my dying HD's, this might be the first time I'll will save my data. This seems a VERY promising software so I wold like to get, if possible, a license! Been lucky until now- maybe my luck continues and I get a license!
thanks in advance

I plan to give this to my son; he is only 17, but has already taught himself 3 or 4 programming languages. I think this would be a fantastic birthday present. Thanks for the opportunity.

I have so much audio and inportant files, that I would hate to lose.
Please send activation key

I really need this back up facility, please senmd the activation key

Send me an activation key.. I'm in need to backup my HD :)
Thnx in advance.

Hi, I actually not used any backup software. But now after going these features and free licence i want this so please choose me as lucky one. I want to use for my desktop and if good i will share with my friends.

Thanks for sharing this amazing software.. I have a computer became too slow because of the programs installed on it and would love to use this for backing up my valuable data, pictures, songs, video ... etc.

Thank heap.s

Many times I tried ur give away notes and it was sorry to say fake, so I feel dumb when I see ur message in my Inbox, let others be happy for a short time wit fake thank u!!! printed here

I am sorry to hear that you have not won any prizes yet, but pls. do keep in mind we have a limited set of keys to giveaway and we can't send them to all of our commentators. I would suggest keep trying and participating :).

Dear admin

May be I should not write this but just for u and not for the readers I am saying that even that keys or URLs which u gave me before they were not working.
Rising the rate of readers is nice but reputation is more important for site future.
I am not trying to have anything from site from long time ago when I notice that and actually my last post was a sympathy for pity people begging for a key or...
Sorry for writing this, just u know what are u doing and u know nobody keep trying after encountering fake keys or mistakes and ur readers who keep trying are just the new ones and old readers like me just use the interesting news. as I said I was pity for the people sending u a post for a key!!
I continue reading ur nice news. sorry and thank u

I am still waiting, is this really true?

I HAVE A DREAM,in may dream I so a message from "" 'landing' in my email's Inbox, I open the message and I read we decided to give you a FREE license copy of "Handy Backup Pro" ....
WOW!WHAT A DREAM!,and then I woke up and red again the real message:

Exclusive Giveaway:Handy Backup Pro

..."Luckily our blog readers have a chance to win a free copy of total 20 free licenses of "Handy Backup Pro", to participate just leave a comment below telling "how you plan to use this backup solution ?" - dont forget to leave your valid email address in "email" filed to receive the activation key."...

What can I say to you?, what are my chances to win one of the 2o FREE licenses you'll giveaway when I'm sure,you receive every day hundred's of messages from peoples from all around the world who demand for them selves the same thing: A FREE LICENSE for this MEGA-Megaleecher Software "Handy Backup Pro".
That's all can I say!

But!!!, I steel hope and want to win this FREE license for"Handy Backup Pro" because I hardly need this Program to backup my (C:) Local Driver (my system driver)which contain a lot of important software, most of them Free Giveaway Programs from Megaleecher and some from others. Also, "Handy Backup Pro" can be very useful to me to backup all my collections of moves, video clips, family photos and PPS's, I have many of each kind!, so I wait maybe my dream cams true!
Thank you anticipate, L.Tony43.

really I am sorry that this site affected on ur dreams. if u really so interested in this backup buy one, if u do not have the budget for this just download the pirated one from many sites that will let u download the latest version working properly.
I needed a backup program and I did not have money for that at that time then I downloaded Acronis backup 2010 by free and handy pro. my taste is acronis.
anyway instead of putting ur dream on a chance to win like a lottery go and grab ur dream.

Hi there

If there are any keys going I would be interested in trialing the software to see how it compares to other enterprise products. Notebly I would want to test the functionality of backing up as an image to see if it can suupport single file restores from such an image and how it deals with files in use etc such as Exchange or SQL databases.

Kind Regards

actually I used different backup utility and I end up with 2 nice one, Acronice and handy pro:same quality and performance u may use either. both are nice

i really need this for win7 and vista on the same system as to not loose all my aquired data for my family and buis

I'm having a 3TB backup drive for my personal use wherein i store my important files and documents.

I'll use this software for my drive and will do make and forget schedule for the same.

Will definitely going to use it for all my needs it can fullfill.

I desperately need a powerful and versatile backup program like Handy Backup! I won a year of services from Zevera, thanks to you, the generous staff of MegaLeecher.Net. I still can't thank you guys enough, Zevera is incredible :-D The problem is my download speed is 25 Mbps, but my upload speed is only 4 Mbps :-( So just in a couple of weeks I have already filled up my 500GB hard drive :-# My attempts to upload to my file host accounts and burning DVD backups are becoming very time consuming. I would do the following with Handy Backup:

  • First, I'd use the FTP features to upload all my media to file hosts like 4shared and Diglo.
  • Next, I would use the automation feature to make incremental backups of my documents and have them uploaded and synced to a cloud storage like DropBox or SkyDrive.
  • After deleting all the media that I uploaded, I would create a spanned DVD backup of my clean hard drive.
  • I have posted your great GiveAway at these links as well:

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  • Twitter-!/Zer00neX/status/99709814883627008
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  • Could u pls spare me a license? I plan to use it for my daily backups on W7

    I need this program to free up PC memory. Thanks for the key.

    with the things I do, I need as much space and convenience as possible. Whenever the computer runs slow, it takes a toll on my time so with this, it would make the things that I need to get done, quicker

    When will the drawing take place????

    Thank you for your service and support.

    I will take backup of my important data using this.

    Thank you for the license! Downloading it now!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've received my license (registration key) for "Handy Backup"! This program will SOLVE a lot of problems for backing up my huge Win XP and Win7 computers with external hard drives (equally large, thank Heaven!).

    Win7's built-in backup application is useless in this regard, so "Handy Backup" will solve my problem neatly.

    Again, THANK YOU for your generosity!

    Karl K.
    McKinney, Texas

    thanks very very much for choosing me one of the lucky one for handy backup pro license key..i had just got your email with the key for handy backup pro in it

    Thank you very much for winning the key. I already receive the key and using right now. Thank yiou very much...

    Thanks a lot for the license. This is an excellent solution, updated regularly.

    Regards !

    Thank you for the free license for Handy Backup Pro.

    This program will come in very handy in deed (Pun intended).

    I appreciate it very much.

    Again my thanks!!!

    from all of the new comments, I guess the give away is over and it has already been distributed...

    Thank you very much for the license key. This is an excellent software.

    Best regards

    Hi guys, I relieved my key to Handy Backup Pro. This is exactly what I need, all my drives are full ever since I won a Zevera account from you guys LOL MegaLeecher RULES!!!

    I'm thinking this would come in handy for my Win7 OS,count me in on this one

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