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File Locker Service "Hotfile.Com" Gets Sued By MPAA For Infringing Copyrights LogoRapidshare copyright woes made it loose traffic to competing file locker services like as evident from the Alexa traffic chart shown below, the heat is now shifted to Hotfile as MPAA has now sued them citing copyright infringements. The MPAA lawsuit against Hotfile on behalf of 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, and Warner Bros. accuses Hotfile of not only "facilitating copyright infringement" but committing "direct infringement" by awarding users cash incentive for doing it and making money from the illegal activity.

Rapidshare Vs Hotfile Traffic Comparison
Alexa Traffic Of Hotfile Vs Rapidshare
Further details of the lawsuit can be found at : Motion Picture Studios File Lawsuit Against (PDF)


this shit s@cks a$$

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