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Soluto - A New Startup To Make Your PC Faster And Less Frustrating

Marketed as the anti-frustration software Soluto Beta is just a trailer for some really interesting things to come, in it's current form the free utility for PC allows users to speedup long boot times by profiling and reporting time-taken by various boot-time applications and services, enabling users to either pause or delay their launch for a faster bootup.

Soluto PC Boot Analysis Report

Soluto's long-term goals are what makes it even more interesting and here is what the company has to say about it :

"Soluto employs innovative low-level Windows kernel technologies to identify what users are asking their PC to do, and what their PC does in return. Soluto is able to pinpoint and analyze what resource obstacles stood in the way of the user's desired actions. These can be I/O issues, network issues, resource locking, and so on.

Soluto uses the same technologies to determine what actions users took that had a positive effect on their computing experience. For example, pausing certain processes and reconfiguring certain applications can dramatically improve the behavior of a particular piece of software.

This anonymous technical data is gathered and sent to Soluto's PC Genome, a one of a kind knowledgebase containing statistical insights about PC software and hardware behavior, as well as remedies to alleviate PC usage frustrations. By putting this information into the light, the PC Genome will help consumers and vendors alike.

Soluto employs another set of innovative algorithms to determine which remedies will have a positive impact on each Soluto user's unique PC system. These remedies are then shared with other relevant Soluto users.

What this exactly means is that Soluto will make use of collective wisdom mined from data sent by it's client application to detect and analyze slowdowns, various aspects and interaction between applications, drivers, and other software will get logged centrally in a database known as PCGenome which will help Soluto analyze and cure PC sluggishness.

Soluto In Action

Soluto Analyzing System
PC Bootup Report
Application Details
Boot Report
Application Suggestion
Soluto Frustation Report
A Must Watch Video To Know What Exactly Soluto Is..

I would highly recommend users to give Soluto a try by download the client from official website -


Here you can download the file directly

Size - <500kb

Really worth software, it improved my boot time a lot

yaa man it really worked,,,,

Does what it says but when no longer required is difficult to prevent running at startup as it amends userinit process files and takes some careful registry editing to fully uninstall even after running Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. Be warned.

Thank you very much...

does it works perfectly???

works like charm

Is it work on window 7?

Instead using this, try using bootvis. It work better than this.

After installation the boot is much slower and I have another one "Soluto" in my taskbar. Good deal :)) hahaha

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