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How to create an customized signed IPSW firmware using Sn0wbreeze

The cat-and-mouse game between jailbreakers and Apple is getting tough for hackers with every new release of Apple iOS, as it plugs existing loopholes which they exploit. Anyone trying to restore Apple iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone 4 and 4S will face iTunes errors like 3194 and 1600 while trying to flash an sn0wbreeze customized IPSW file, even when having saved SHSH blobs and using TinyUmbrella TSS server. The solution to this problem is to have the custom .IPSW firmware file stitched with previously saved SHSH digital signatures, follow the detailed instructions ahead to get this done using sn0wbreeze.


How to stitch and sign saved SHSH blobs to an customized IPSW file using snowbreeze :

  1. Make sure you have saved your SHSH blobs locally using TinyUmbrella.
  2. Download the latest version of sn0wbreeze -
  3. Download iOS 5.1.1 from -
  4. Launch Snowbreeze and click Browse for an IPSW.
  5. IPSW browse
  6. Navigate to iOS firmware file saved in Step 3 above.
  7. IPSW firmware for Apple
  8. Snowbreeze should detect the correct file and let you proceed ahead.
  9. Snowbreeze correct IPSW
  10. Now, click iFaith and browse for SHSH blobs saved for your device using TinyUmbrella - make sure the blobs are for intended device and for correct iOS version. You can find the SHSH save folder location at Advanced tab in TinyUmbrella.
  11. iFaith
    SHSH blobs
    SHSH blobs
  12. Complete the usual snowbreeze customization options.
  13. snowbreeze customization
    snowbreeze customization
  14. Let snowbreeze build the custom, signed IPSW file and follow onscreen instructions to proceed.
  15. custom signed IPSW file
  16. While restoring, make sure you browse for the signed IPSW file which has an numerical string in beginning and contains the word "signed" in name e.g. - 0000001A3D1w2ECr_sn0wbreeze_iPhone_4-GSM-5.1.1-9B208_signed.ipsw


When I select ifaith mode it just crashes

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