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[Giveaway] idoo Video Cutter

idoo Video Cutter supports Windows XP/7/8/9 and other PC platforms. The biggest feature is its powerful format conversion functionality in addition to the cutter. In terms of format conversion functionality, it has the power of professional format conversion software, supporting most formats. Another feature is that it has three subroutines, and completely fits the real needs of users, solving a variety of problems encountered by users.

Firstly ,we will look at the software interface, then we will start idoo Video Cutter, see three subroutines (functionality):“Advanced Cutter”、“Batch Cutter”、and “Easy cutter”,as shown below:

idoo Video Cutter

When you start “Advanced Cutter”,there is basically no time-lag, as shown below:

idoo Video Cutter

The style of the software interface is clear and simple, with rational layout and full functionality.

Advantages of “Advanced Cutter” mode:

  • Simultaneous cutting and playing and previewing
  • Advanced editing, for instance: Subtitle/Effect/Crop/Add Music/Watermark/ etc.

Advantages of “Easy cutter” mode:

  • Simultaneous editing and cutting for multiple pre-cut fragments.
  • Easy to operate.

The “Batch Cutter” has the ability to “apply to all” functionality and settings of a video cutter, which is very convenient.

idoo Video Editor Specific Advantages Compared to Similar Software:

  • Format conversion function : “Advanced Cutter”simultaneous cutting and converting , selecting different specific formats according to different categories. The equipment category supports most equipment formats. For each formats, there are detailed options for specific equipment or specific parameters. “Show more settings”shows more details than the preset configuration. The functionality of the format conversion is powerful, and easy to operate with a strong friendly interface.
  • The time required to cut and format a conversion is very little, the files are converted without loss of quality , or high definition, the converted files play smoothly on mainstream media players, with no blue screen or error.
  • Reasonably small installation file, only 14.6 MB.
  • Programs and subroutines cold start time is very short.
  • Short time to import video and audio.
  • Cutter is precise to 0.001 seconds.
  • There is no blue screen when dragging the progress bar.
  • Minimal steps required to complete the cutting operation.

Functionality Tour:
Say we downloaded a movie in m2ts format. How to cut the sections we need , remove the black bars, then play it on iphone5s?”

  1. Start “Advanced Cutter”, import a video, and select the start time of cutter, as shown below:
  2. idoo Video Cutter
  3. Start Crop interface,select a region needed to intercept, as shown below:
  4. idoo Video Cutter
  5. Start “Output Format”,select the format you want to convert, as shown below:
  6. idoo Video Cutter
  7. Click “Start”to start the edit and to get the results we need, as shown below:
  8. idoo Video Cutter
  9. Using the above operation, we get the video without black bars playing on the iphone5s.Users of iPhone6 and 6Plus can get full support with our latest version.

Video Cutter Test Reports:

idoo Video Cutter
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This is trial software only.

How you get a key for this FREE product,

Thanks, but the downloaded exe file is nothing but a trial version. Installed and checked. So how is it a giveaway- per the post title? am I missing something here?

I downloaded the giveaways and after installing it and opening the program, it asks for an email address and registration code. How do we get the code?

i think so its wrong information...there is no giveaway for this product ..last giveaway for this product was in march 2014

How is this a giveaway? The trial version is installed and there is no information concerning registration etc.

How do I register for free?

there is go giveaway for this product ..........its just trail....

I'm trying to find out the Registration Key...

Hi, I merely asked about how to register for this product. It seems my comment has been deleted.
Can you advise why? Thanks.

Supports Windows 9?

don't bother getting this trialware its a to purchase install. limited trial

I hope your silence means you are speaking to the people who offered this "Free" version:)

Here is the Activation Code : 20537-36705-21846-37470-54277-97243, sorry for the overlook.

Hi! Thanks, but It needs e-mail also for the registration take place...

Thanks for the code. But I bought what looks exactly like this program from another company and that did not work. Unfortunately neither does this. $25 bucks down the drain.

Thanks for the Activation Code. Much appreciated :)

thanks for the code

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