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Download Music From Social Sites Like IMEEM, iJigg,, Pandora, Myspace, eSnips, Mog And

My last post was about how to download music files from eSnips, Now I will be sharing a nifty little utility which will let you download music files from almost all major social sites like eSnips, iJigg, IMEEM,, Mog, Pandora and MySpace to name a few.

FreeMusicZilla is a smart software which lets you snatch and download streaming music files from IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, Avant and Netscape, all you have to do is to launch "FreeMusicZilla" and start listening to your music in your preferred browser, the playing music file link will be sniffed by FreeMusicZilla - now simply select the grabbed file name and click the 'Download' button to start downloading.

Downloading Music

While testing the software on eSnips, I found that if the browser window is closed the download aborts, moreover the free version of the software only allows 10 downloads in a day, However, this limit can be bypassed easily

by closing the software and changing the computer date back or forward before re-launching FreeMusicZilla.

is another great free software to grab and download streaming music and video files from almost all services out their, OrbitDownloader's Grab++ module will sniff any audio, video, or flash file being played in your browser letting you download it with ease.


install a Forefox's addon named DownloadHelper.. and then install a freeware named Super© to encode the downloaded file [if it's not mp3 such as flv] to mp3 format.

Freemusiczilla no longer works with imeem streams.

Music has been a part of human's life. Though it is inanimate, it has the capacity to change our mood.It can make you laugh, cry, excite or even gloomy..Slacker Radio is actually quite the thing. Slacker radio may well outpace Sirius for ad-free radio that leaves their local based counterparts in the dust, partially because of ease of use, convenience, partially because unlike satellite it's free and also because Slacker isn't staring down the barrel of possible bankruptcy. You won't need installment loans to get this ad free radio, its broadcast for free over the internet. All you need to do is register for free with an email address, and you're good to go – which you can also do with its counterpart Pandora. No ads, no self important and really annoying deejays, and you pick the playlist.

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