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Are mobiles destroying your body ?, Find answers in this informative must-see infographic..


This info-graphic is bullshit, I've spent the last 5 years or so in front of a screen for 10+ hours each day, I ain't blind, my eyes aren't dry, I don't have blurry vision or nearsightedness. I get the occasional headache from bad posture but that's it. I can sleep just fine too.
Only thing that's true is the texting while driving.

I completely dissagree with you, for one you do need to take breaks from your screen just like everyone else should, and a so called headache is just the tip of the iceberg, you will eventually get more health issues, and exercising and taking short breaks is one of the best ways to avoid more problems, btw your body does get dehydrated so to compensate you should drink more water, and I'm 100% sure your vision is not perfect, mine isn't since I have been sitting at the computer not as long as you have and it was 1/1 before now it's lower. In regards to the mobile phones I agree completely.

The article is very much appropriate and we are all likely aware about the bad effect of mobile phone. The mobile phone signal have Radio-frequency, so its likely harmful for our health. But we don't have any other choice without using it in every-day's life. My mom works in telephone industry and in her first work life she was a telephone operator for 10 years and now she have some hearing problem and also eye problem, and that's not for her age, that's for mobile only. Anyone couldn't understand its effect in just 5 years, you will realise after 15-20 years. Not like to believe????? Just ask your family physician.

Can I traslate to Spanish and put it on my website? Thanks...It's a great article, in early years we don't feel this problems...

The article is very nice and the info graphic is well designed.... so share this article to almost all people and save their life....

While most of this is true, the parody is almost none of the people reading it will ever care to improve.
For my part, I already do my best to avoid extremes of this kind. My only weakness - I LOVE BASS! Listen to it at about 140 for approx. 20 minutes each day, after that, I turn it down willingly ))
Very illustrative article, though.

i use led monitor do it also ause strain?

Oh my im one of that!
Computer addicts!
I know the danger, that will gave that to us
but i cant help it!

But know i limit my self from 17hrs a day online to 15hrs a to go! :)

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