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Simple Guide To Jailbreak iPod Touch 2G

Apple iPod TouchUnlike iPod Touch First Generation jailbreaking the newer iPod Touch Second Generation requires a different approach as QuickPWN currently does not support iPod Touch 2G, luckily iPod 2G is now jailbreakable and QuickFreedom is a new utility which can get the job done pretty easily via a simple to use wizard styled user interface, QuickFreedom works on Windows XP and Vista allowing users to jailbreak and install Cydia and Installer with options to change the boot logo.


QuickFreedom supports jailbreaking the latest iPod Touch 2G with 2.2.1 firmware, the 5-step jailbreaking process is quite simple and can be done easily as described next.

Step-By-step guide to jailbreak iPod 2G :

  1. You will require these software and files for jailbreaking.
  • Make sure your iPod has firmware 2.2.1 installed as shown below in iTunes, if not hold the Shift button on keyboard and click the Restore option in iTunes, now browse for iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore.ipsw file downloaded earlier and let iTunes finish the restore.
  • iTunes Restore
  • Launch QuickFreedom and click the Jailbreak iPod button.
  • iPod
  • Install LibUSB and browse for the IPSW file downloaded earlier.
  • Jailbreak Steps
    IPSW File
  • Both jailbreak requirements should now show green checkmark click Next to continue.
  • LibUSB
  • From the next screen check Installer and change boot logo options as per your choice, Cydia gets installed by default, Click Create Firmware to start the custom IPSW file creation process.
  • Firmware Creation
  • Let the process complete, if the IPSW creation process takes more then 30-40 minutes try disconnecting the iPod and start again (I am not sure about this but disconnecting iPod while firmware creation process somehow worked for me).
  • iPod Touch Custom Firmware Creation
    iPod Touch Custom Firmware Creation 2
    iPod Touch Custom Firmware Creation 3
  • After successful firmware creation click the next button, your iPod should now be shown as connected in Normal mode as shown below.
  • iPod Touch Normal Mode
  • You need to get your iPod Touch in DFU mode click the DFU Instructions option in QuickFreedom or follow the guide below.
    • Turn-off your iPod.
    • Hold Power + Home button.
    • Release the Power button but keep holding Home until the computers beeps recognizing the USB device.
    • If you are having trouble getting into DFU mode view this video.
  • Once in DFU mode QuickFreedom should display the correct status, do note that recovery mode is not DFU mode and if you are in recovery mode you need to repeat above steps to get into correct DFU mode as shown below.
  • iPod Recovery Mode
    iPOd DFU Mode
  • Once in DFU mode click the Start Pre-Jailbreak button to start the patching process.
  • RedSn0w patch
  • Once completed you will be shown this message.
  • Pre Jailbreak Success
  • QuickFreedom now instructs you to restore the custom firmware created on desktop in step 7 above from iTunes.
  • Restore
  • Close QuickFreedom and launch iTunes it should find the iPod Touch in recovery mode.
  • iPod Recovery Mode In iTunes
  • Click and hold the Shift keyboard button and click Restore in iTunes
  • Shift Restore
  • Browse for the Custom IPSW firmware file on desktop and let iTunes finish the restore.
  • Custom Jailbroken IPSW Restore
  • Once automatically rebooted by iTunes you will have jailbroken iPod Touch 2G with Cydia installed.
  • Comments

    Very descriptive thanks a lot, I now have an jailbroken iPod Touch :D

    is there a way to do this on a mac? i tried downloading the quick freedom thingy and it doesnt work on my mac!

    Download quickpwn istead of using this one. I have the 1st gen iPod touch and when i downloaded Quickpwn it is supposed to work for both generations of iPod touches and the iPhones (except the newest iPhone 3G S, yet).

    I keep getting stuck at step 7,the creation process won't go through. What do I do?

    Try disconnecting the iPod before clicking the Create Firmware button.


    Do you lose all of your stuff, ex. apps and music?

    Nope. Because when you Restore, don't cancel because the restoring brings back everything you have.

    now how do i get theinstaller app.

    hi all, i got a brand new ipod touch few days back and its version is 2.2. itunes says that i can restore it to the factory settings if i face any prob. my prob is, if i jailbreak the ipod and however for some reason if i wish to restore it to the factory settings, is it posible to do without any hastle. to do that am i suppose to back up or download the current version of ipod software(2.2) becoz ill be losing it aftet the jailbreaking process. please help me on this and i will really appreciate ur help :) since i dnt have much experience on the ipod. thank you and regards......!

    i have been trying to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g from several days still not working dont know why ....? while restoring i always get an error like 6**** i am really tired of this ,,
    this is my second time jailbreaking my this ipod but dont know why i am getting the same problem always ....
    when i jailbreaked my ipod for first time it was easy but now ....
    please someone help me ...,,,,,

    where is the genius man ..... please check my problem out .... what is going on with my ipod ......

    ok, i will hack it after that when im using it i will reboot it and it will star ok? or it will be the same as with redsnow semi-thetered jailbroke, i need to conect it to pc and start the decovery process?


    this is the second time i jailbroke my Touch [cause iTunes deleted all my music,w/c sucks], and i used this tutorial for both. It really works, i didnt have any problem at all.


    if i failed, what happen to my ipod touch 2G

    at step 7 the processs cant be completed and a error creating firmware keep coming out

    Ok can some 1 please answer this question for me!!!
    So i have a first gen iphone and it is already jail broken, but im running 1.1.3 on it.
    I want to upgrade to firmware 2.1 or 2.2 but I've read that if I do the update then my phone will lock back up.
    Is there ANY way to get any vers of 2.x on my iphone without locking it back up? What is the recommended method of going about this process?

    You may have to unlock the phone again for you to up[date your iPhone. To unlock it again use the Quickpwn and look up on youTube unlocking iPhone. There is many results but some may not help so don't give up if the first few don't work

    You may have to unlock the phone again for you to up[date your iPhone. To unlock it again use the Quickpwn and look up on youTube unlocking iPhone. There is many results but some may not help so don't give up if the first few don't work

    I have dial up internet, so it goes very slow. For some reason it disconnects every 11 hours and 15 minutes, so I fall just short of the completing the 2.2.1 firmware download. So I updated the Ipod at my friend's house and the download is not in my files. How do I get past this step and complete the jailbreak, any help is appreciated, thanks. (P.S. great guide very descriptive!)

    Hey guys, do you think i should get an iPod Touch 2g? because from what i've heard from my friends, this method doesnt work, they get stuck on step 7!!!

    About to JB new Touch 2G, which version of Quickfreedom is really best?
    I have heard of a few glitches in new Quickfreedom 1.2.0
    For a first time jailbreak on a new ipod touch 2g, should I use the old version and if so, which one (1.1.0 or 1.1.1)?

    Read the subject

    heyy can you please help me on step 4

    when you go to browse and then desk top, my desk top only has {my documents} , {my computer} , {my network places)

    it does not have the {2.2.1 ipod} thing on there

    and yess i do have 2.2.1

    helpp, pleasee

    i have same problem someone plz help




    This is my second time trying and last time i got stuck on step 7 but hopefully it will work now :)


    when i do this i get to the part where it says restore to custom firmware but i shift click restore and cant find the custom firmware.....someone plz help me!!!!!!!!

    This suck I tryed to jail brake my Ipod Touch and when if finished my Ipod stopped working it wont even turn on well it is plugged into my computer help me!!!!!!!!!!!

    it doesnt work on step 7, it keeps coming up error creating firmwave

    i tried to install libusb, but all that happens is my mouse stops working and quick freedom says that its not installed



    i tried to download "quickfreedom" from the given link but it did not work.
    can you please help me?

    thank u!



    i tried to jail break my ipod itouch 2G (2.2.1) but in its second step it mentions "error creating firmware". i used laptop OS Windows 7 32 bit... can you please help me out?

    I was just wondering if i need to leave libUSB & QuickFreedom on my computer?

    I just wanted to take a minute and say Thank You Very Very Much! My ipod touch is now Jailbroken.

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