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[Kickstarter] 'Jo' - The Bottle Opener...

Traditional keychains for opening bottles are quite big and take up a lot of space in your pocket, so the 'Jo - Just open' titanium bottle opener is designed to change this. The 'Jo' opener -- standing for "Just Open" -- is a miniature device that will virtually disappear when attached to your keys in order to ensure you always have a bottle opener with you.

Jo bottle Opener

The 'Jo' bottle opener works by being hooked onto the underside lip of the cap and anchored onto the top; using your thumb to keep the device in place and pulling upward will release the cap. The 'Jo' titanium bottle opener is, as denoted, crafted from premium titanium which makes it inherently strong and resistant to corrosion. This makes the 'Jo' opener ideal for active individuals who need to keep a bottle opener on hand to ensure they are alway ready to enjoy a drink.

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