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LiberKey - Power Of 200+ Hand-Picked Windows Applications Without Installation

Imagine the time-consumed and clutter on your PC if you have to install 200+ software utilities and the resulting performance impact on Windows installation due to all the registry keys, updater and startup launchers of these applications, but not anymore as now you can benefit from an hand-picked selection of best free software collection without the clutter and performance impact via a single-download named - LiberKey, the free "swiss army knife" collection of useful Windows utilities is neatly grouped into categories with a careful selection made after testing more than 1800 software's, LiberKey is all you need to have 99% of your work done without installing any other software whatsoever, LiberKey offers both local or portable use.

Portable Application Launcher

Liberkey also offers handy features like auto-application updates and temporary file-association to make it even more appealing.

Auto-Application Update

LiberKey Application Update

Liberkey File-association

LiberKey offers three versions according to your requirements as shown below and is available in two languages English and French available at the their website here.


Wonderful tool!!! Great portable app set!! Thanks a ton for this post! Bill S.

Just another f.... scam.

liberkey is the best portable start menu i have ever used , i have used almost every one,

Its the KDE suite ported to Windows. Not surprised. But really nice find.

scam? Why?
I installed it, and it works great?

Why is it a scam?

I've been using this for many months and it's an excellent collection of software. Aside from the portability (no installation) the greatest feature of LiberKey is it's ability to locate updates and to update all the programs in the suite with no input from the user.

This is the one utility that I use every day.

The commenter above who called it a scam is completely incorrect. This is a very useful suite of programs in a great launcher/maintainer program. Great job Liberkey and great find megaleecher.

I just installed it, has tons of free and open source apps in it. Perfect for what I needed, as I love the cross platform apps, now I have a lot of my old Linux apps available, just right in Liberkey. So much easier than getting them all separately.

I recommend the ultimate package, having the most apps means you have any program to do anything if you need something quickly.

Judge for yourself:;jsessionid=NTC14ZZYQ0VAKQSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN

Read the comments; there is a commenter who defends Liberkey.

I have also come across references to Liberkey leaving personal information on the computers you use it with--that's definitely not good.

this is the best s/w i hv downloaded ever..thnx alot

Check Out WinPenPack. It is one huge portable apps pack.

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