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Nokia N96 Vs iPhone 3G

Nokia's much hyped, feature packed upcoming model "Nokia N96" is launching soon and could become a iPhone killer.

Here is a video comparison of Nokia N96 vs iPhone :


Dude, these are old details!! What do you mean ? iPhone doesn't have 3G, GPS, No software support ?

Even anyone who has been hiding in a cave for the last 3 months wud knw this is bullcrap.

And, come on, I use Nokia Maps. It sucks compared to Google Maps !! Google Maps rock.

I knw you're not gonna reply to this message. This shows that you're friggin' scared to face the points I raised!!! >_<

P.S: Expressing my opinion. Peace out ^_^

Thanks, for pointing that out, we have always provided latest on iPhone developments and my apologies for the wrongly posted comparison table from CNet, as it was for iPhone and not iPhone 3G (as correctly compared in the video), as pointed by you.


The iphone shipping in India says on the box= 'IPHONE 3G'
Now what is that then??

I have both and both phones are shit as phones, for one the batteries never last it's nice to have something the have all in one but seems they must be charged everyday, so at the end of the day it's better to have a normal phone, camera, mp3 player seperatly coz when you realy need it the battery is flat!!

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