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Open Microsoft Office Word 2007 .DocX Files In Firefox

Word 2007We have written about various methods to use .docx file-format without Microsoft Office Word 2007, here is another dead simple method to open and read .docx inside Firefox, all you have to do is to download and install the free OpenXML Document Viewer Firefox add-on and you can read Microsoft Word 2007 files inside your web-browser, Watch the video demo below demonstrating the plugin in action and how to install it.

The Firefox plugin is part of the open source project OpenXML Document Viewer hosted at CodePlex, the project aims to provide software tools and guidance for translating Open XML Format to HTML, letting software vendors and mobile solution providers use these tools to enable their customers with the ability to view and Open XML documents on heterogeneous platforms and browser applications.


At work with corrupted files advise try next tool microsoft word document fix tool,as how as i remember tool is free,it can easily perform these operations and fix recover doc from any damaged document in Microsoft Word format,open your damaged file and press Analyze for fix read only documents in Office,allows to avoid Word documents is unreadable fix,will recover only plain text, without any images, graphics and formatting,export the contents into another document in Microsoft Word format.

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