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Opera Turbo Alpha Now Available For Download

Opera Turbo

Opera is all set to become the worlds fastest web-browser with its server-side acceleration technology to be included in upcoming Opera 10 release, the Opera team released the first public alpha of Opera Turbo demonstrating the compression technology meant for users on low-bandwidth connections, working similar to the man-in-the-middle proxy compression system used by commercial software's like ONSPEED Web Accelerator, Opera Turbo compresses network traffic providing significant improvements in browsing speeds consuming less data saving bandwidth bills.

Opera 10

Opera Turbo's Web Optimization Proxy feature displays the total bandwidth saved and amount of acceleration in status bar and the feature can be enabled/disabled with a single click.

Opera Turbo In Action

Opera 10 Alpha can be downloaded from the links below:

Opera 10 Turbo


Opera FTW!!!
they need to put this in the Wii's opera browser!!!

Youtube Video Demonstration is dead.

Working fine check again :

plz sent link to download

ok trims

I absolutely admire the Opera 10 internet browser from Opera Software Inc. I firmly believe the Vikings have finally cracked open a genie out of the bottle.

The Opera 10 internet browsers is so well thought and designed very beautifully so that even a beginner can have a crack at and have so much fun. After all it is a mobile browser design for the well connected mobile community from around the world.

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