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Downgrade iPhone Baseband From 02.30.03 To 02.28.00

iPhone BasebandUPDATE : Now, you can use the fully automated iPhone 3G baseband Downgrader.

If you are stuck with an Apple iPhone 3G with firmware 2.2.1 having baseband 02.30.03 here is some good news for you, a new exploit named pHaseBanDowngrader is now available to downgrade iPhone baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 which means it can be unlocked via YellowSn0w, users can now upgrade to iPhone Firmware v 2.2.1 and downgrade their baseband using this exploit to unlock their iPhone 3G's.


For this hack to work your iPhone must have Bootloader 5.8 which would be the case if you bought your iPhone before September 2008, newer iPhone's having firmware version 2.2.1 Out-Of-The-Box have newer Bootloader 5.9 which is not hackable as of now, to downgrade your iPhone baseband follow the steps described next.

Step-by-step procedure to downgrade iPhone baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 :

  1. Download pHaseBanDowngrader and extract all files.
  2. SSH into your iPhone and upload the folder phasebandowngrader inside the folder /Applications/ on your device.
  3. Use and type “login” and enter “root” as user, use password “alpine” to logon.
  4. Type: "cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader/" and then type "./phasebandowngrader" to launch the exploit and follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Your baseband should now be downgraded to 02.28.00.


Thanks god there is a solution now, I will try to downgrade iPhone baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 now.

When i try i get this message: cd:applications/phasebandowngrader/: no such file or directory.
tell me in wich directory do i copy the phasebandowngrader file?

There is a space between cd and /applications/phasebandowngrader/

How to check the bootloader version?
I bought my iPhone on Sep 2008 with firmware 2.0
Will this solution work?

Unfortunately I have bootloader 5.9 and this solution does not works for me.

When I do it to step 4 , "./phasebandowngrader" it says permission denied.

why is that??

where can I find SSH ?? please help

When I do it to step 4 , "./phasebandowngrader" it says permission denied.

why is that??

To enable permission you need to do this. Open Mobile Terminal, then type:

chmod 777 phasebandowngrader

Press enter after each line, obviously.

i tried, it says cannot access "phase..grader" : No such file or directory.

maybe type full path?

it works this time but it says
" chmod: missing operand after 'phasedowngrader'
Try 'chmod --help' for more information.

how come?

It now gives me two option.

1) Portuguas
2) English

It then says host has not answered for 15 seconds.

Wait for another 15 secords? Pressing 'Abort' will close session.

Warning: Aborting this operation will clse connection!

I obviously need to select option 2 but where do I do that?

Please help

i got the same probleme......can i know if you have the solution yet please...mail to me ..... thanks you

when i type it in it says not a directory...what should i do?

listen guys: when you use WinSCP to dump "phasebandowngrader" to Applications directory, as some of you'll see, it's just a shortcut, so the actual Applications folder may be located elsewhere. when you click on Applications folder, you should see the full path in the above bar, so type in: "cd /whatever/location/Applications.something/" (i hope you won't actually type this string in literally). teh point is, you "cd" in until you find where you copied phasebandowngrader. then run it.

however, i ran it, gave me onscreen instructions as it should have, but still did not download my baseband :((( do i have the wrong bootloader?

People you must be patient and know a bit of linux. OK
you need WINSCP, download and connect to your iphone using its ip and root/alpine. then when download mobile terminal from cydia. open the app and tyle login , then type root, then use alpine for the password. Now do cd .. then enter, do it again and then type ls, you should see the Application folder. copy the folder using WINSCP, after it finishes go to mobile terminal and do cd /Application, then press enter. then do "ls" ( to see where you are). then do cd /phasebandowngrader, then chmod 777 phasebandowngrader, then press enter. then type ./phasebandowngrader. now wait a bit, it says to select, i chose 2 for english. then it say press any key, press the y, then enter. wait for it to ask you if you want to be downgraded. done finish , easy right.

sorry it did not

but im still at 2.30.03. why didn't it work?

I ran it, but my baseband is still at 2.30.03. What's wrong with it?

Bootloader 5.8 is needed, so how do I know what I have? Please help.


This method can't be used for my phone bcoz my BootLoader 5.9 :(

Can anyone support this method using bootloader 5.9?

I have accidently upgrade my iphone fm2.2 to fm2.2.1 ;(

And like that maybe we copy it to our iphone and try to downgrade :D


could somebody help annd tell me were i can find for filling in the "cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader/" and then type "./phasebandowngrader"

this is my final hope to unloock my 2.2 02.30.03 3G?






Has anyone found away to downgrade the Bootloader to 5.8 instead of 5.9

Whoever finds this out will be a complete genuis and save everyone the trouble to download the baseband using 3g Fuzzy downgrade.

Any help?



You can't, it comes with the phone and cannot be downgraded or upgraded ever...

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