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Philips ErgoSensor LCD display make's sure you sit in correct posture

Long working hours in-front of your computer are surely tiring, add a bad working posture to it and you are inviting some serious health hazards. Good sitting and computer usage posture's are always advised by health professionals, and to make sure users utilize these recommendations are followed a smart desktop monitor "Philips ErgoSensor" is now available.

This intelligent desktop monitor from Philips has a ergo-sensor in its bezel that watches a user while working - the sensor watches metrics like optimal viewing distance measurement,
Time-break reminder, Neck posture detection and User presence detection providing suitable advice and behavior feedback.

Philips ErgoSensor
Experience a new level of comfort with the personalized advice for better posture, optimal viewing distance and when to take breaks. Enjoy the effortless energy-saving features and stunning viewing experience from a monitor that puts your wellbeing first.
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Philips should be complimented for designing this ErgoSEnsor Monitor.

This will help many users from the strain and the problems they are experiencing everyday sitting in front of the computer for long time.

What is the cost of this ErgoSensor Monitor?

I am staying in Hyderabad (A.P.)

Waiting for your reply


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