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Pirate Pay - Microsoft funded anti-piracy startup, attacks and blocks torrent file-sharing automatically

Pirate PayThe battle between file-sharing mediums and anti-piracy agencies is nothing new, and yet another effective arsenal for anti-piracy advocates is ready to get deployed. Pirate Pay is an Russian start-up which is being funded by Microsoft, the technology effectively blocks BitTorrent traffic by attacking P2P swarms resulting in blocked file-sharing. The technology makes use of a cluster of servers to connect to each and every P2P client trying to download a particular torrent, and then confuses them with corrupted data making them disconnect from each other.

Pirate Pay

Recently, the technology got successfully used to prevent illegal pirated distribution of Russian movie "Vysotsky. Thanks to God, I am alive". During the usage of 30 days the Pirate Pay technology blocked 44,845 infringed copies from being downloaded illegally via torrent, even after the users found torrent download link on torrent networks.

Via : TorrentFreak


Down this technology anonymous, this act only make us more stronger

If the software connects to my client software, then it must be software I didn't request which makes this attackware. If I'm downloading it without knowledge or consent, then it's illegal, isn't it?

It won't be long before there's a sniffer out there to stop the code from attaching to my software. Wouldn't it be ironic if MS got sued for using illegal means to stop illegal downloads?

If it's server based, then there will soon be a way to use trusted servers only for torrents, but those will be vulnerable to prosecution since they'll really only have one purpose.

this wont stop direct download right?

screw it i dont even use torrents anymore

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