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Here is what you receive in reply when you send a DMCA copyright notice to

There is no doubt that has been the most bold, organization when it comes to copyright matters. And things really get funny when you send an DMCA copyright infringement notice to them and they reply - read the full letter after the jump.

DMCA Notice
Full Email Conversation



You should be careful though, US government is banning hard on certain links off the US proxy. They took down megaload and banned and a hand full of other they suspect sharing pirate data. They can and will do it to priate bay. Would hate to see the link get banned for having massive balls XD

Btw company like dreamworks are reason why SOPA was made.. They hate the fact thier movies were distributed and share freely without recieving intrest back. They only wish to keep more millions in thier pocket so they can buy more labished cars. Those fatties are such money hungry piggies hahaha

You are right that's funny as shit. That just kinda made my day right there. However, true enough, they will have to stay on there toes, America is a shady country, with a very shady history as well.

Companies like that are the reason the US House of Representatives just passed CISPA in less than a month. They can't crap that fast. It's going through so fast that nobody knows about it. It is the internet version of the Patriot Act. Providers can share your info if only asked and it trumps ALL other law including the 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure.

Last time I was on PirateBay; they moved to Philippines and server located in the Ukraine. Both countries don't like the US. The Mega take down was order by Obama. The Hollywood elite gave to Obama's war chest and he had his DOJ to go after Mega. Now New Zealand is looking into matter and seeing red flags. The take down may have be illegal by DOJ.

Obama is spineless. That duchebaf is nothing more then a yes man, trust me he balls are in dickchaneys office hungup thier next to bush's brain and his mothers overies. Obama is the icon of what america is, multi caulturer, bright smiling, pressed and well dressed and a well spoken man and under all that thiers a man with his hand shuved up obamas ass telling him what to say and do. Why do you think thier a reason they have a multi color shirt with obama smiling and waving with that sad and corny "Yes we can" logo.. Someone is pulling his strings and I believe those who have the right amount of money can tug at the string on his arms and shuve another fist up his ass.

Vive la Piratebay the most courageous people facing the super greed in the west.


hahahahhahahahah lmfao lol

I somehow missed the part at the end, where it said "Go MMMM yourself". Now I'm good though :)

Dumb, no? They ignored the lawsuit and they got a default settlement - there's nothing to argue here.


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