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Quick PPC Optimization Tips

Whether you are on a tight budget or have a lot of advertising money to spend, it is always necessary to keep your PPC campaign optimized. The last thing you would want is to spend money on PPC and not get the desired results. These next several quick PPC optimization tips will help you maintain a streamlined and effective campaign.

Quality Over Quantity

Always avoid running too many PPC campaigns at once. Focus on one or two campaigns that targets specific market segments. With a couple of optimized campaigns, you can spend your PPC budget more effectively instead of spreading it across and risking it on ineffective, non-performing keywords.

Speaking about keywords….

Never Buy Into Loosely Matching Keywords

You must maintain complete control over your campaign at all times. One of the ways you can do this is by opting for exact match keywords and phrases only.
Yes, relying on ad networks’ intelligent campaign manager might look convenient at first; and yes, you may get very good results with keyword matching and similar tools. That said, it is much more cost-efficient to spend more time on researching the right keywords to target than to rely on such system.

You can still add broadly matching keywords to your campaign, but you will be adding them yourself; manually. There are plenty of (free) keyword research tools that can help you find the right keywords to target too.

Cut Not-Performing Campaigns

No matter how well you plan your PPC campaigns, you may still get bad results from some of them. Don’t hesitate to cut not-performing campaigns short. Instead of wasting your money on non-performing keywords, you can allocate the funds to support the most effective keywords and get better results at the end of the day.
Also pay close attention to keywords with low conversion rate. You either have a bad landing page for these keywords or they are reaching the wrong market segment entirely. Evaluate these keywords and how they perform compared to the best performing ones to get a clear picture of what to do.

Employ PPC Experts

If you have little to no experience in running PPC campaigns, it is always best to spend some of your advertising budget on PPC experts. The impact you can make with a well-managed campaign will definitely outweight the cost of hiring the best PPC experts for the job.

Even better, you can now work with experts regardless of your budget. Many SEO and SEM companies now focus more on formulating a campaign that works for each individual client than selling pre-made packages that cost a lot. This means you can actually start with a your own budget in mind and have an entire campaign built around it.

Go Local!

Unless you are marketing your products to a global audience, it is always best to target specific locations or regions. You should be able to determine which locations to target based on where you are based or the top performing locations. The later can be discovered by looking into your historic sales or PPC campaign reports.

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