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RapidShare Premium Download Quota Decreased

RapidshareBad news for Rapidshare Premium users, the file-hoster has decided to cut back daily download quota for premium users to 4 GB daily from 10 GB earlier, which means a reduction from 50 GB per week to 28 GB per week.

In an official press-release the company announced:

Due to the significant number of new users who subscribed to Rapidshare during the last two weeks, we decided to extend our internal resources. In order to maintain the best possible performance for all Premium users, we decided to limit the download capacity to 4 GB for each user during this transitional phase. Premium users will be able to save up to 30 GB of download capacity, if the daily 4 GB volume has not been used.

The new limitation should not affect majority of the users but will certainly hurt few doing heavy downloading on daily basis. If you are not rapidshare service fan and don't like their restrictions, I would suggest giving MediaFire a try, this can truly be a Rapidshare Killer.



rapidshare sucks!

Life sucks


can you please give any explanation to this problem, when i use my premium count to download 19 Mo (for example), the traffic left decrease by 48 MB (1 Mo = 1MB), and i am the only one to use my premium count, i download a file in a day to verify this problem, because in "view logs" we can see : { the date + IP adress + the sum of the sizes of all files downloaded }, the IP is mine, but the sum is wrong (almost the double of what i really downloaded), so i deduced that either rapidshare is stealing me or there is something leeching with my IP at the same time when i donwload some thing (less plausible) !!!!!!! i am lost with this, and i think i can find the answer here, this site is really great.

if you have any explanation, please answer me here, i will return in the page regularly.

i want my money back!!!!

I have a rapidshare account since 2 years and all was fine till 30-6-2010, after which they introduced a new user download model which they keep changing at their fancy, thus for already paid up subscribers like me I donot know what my download quota is per day, and the expiry date has also been pushed forward. Rapidshare is a looting all is subscribers all over the world. Shame on the founders, and the managent teams of RAPIDSHARE.

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