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Rapidshare Security Lock Feature To Safeguard Your Premium Account

RapidShare Security Lock is a new feature introduced by Rapidshare.Com for its premium and collector account subscribers, concerned by the increasing number of Rapidshare account phishers and hackers stealing and then changing premium account credentials, the file-hoster has now came up with this new security feature, once activated the feature safeguards users files, password, email address, and RapidPoints from unauthorized changes, the new features works by locking crucial account functionality using a second password known only to the premium account holder.

If you have not activated your RapidShare Security Lock you will be prompted with the red-unlocked icon below when logged into your account.

Rapidshare Security

To activate the feature simply click the Activate Security Lock button and confirm the prompt below after checking that your email address is correct as your "Release Code" or unlock password will get mailed to this address.

Once activated the red unlock icon will chnage to green locked icon as shown below.

Rapidshare Privacy


que aporte increible... gracias

hello,do you know how to carck that security lock ?

i mean crack

I sure hope I don't share an account with you.

Hahaha! You two are funny! If you do hack an account, just download from it. Don't steal it, not very nice for the person. Besides, these accounts never last very long so changing the password is not a very exciting idea because the account will probably expire soon after you get it.

hey any one i just have a lot of rapidshare accounts with valid account and password but they have security lock if any one get me the hack for that security lock i will give u an account as a gift


stop trying to steal the locked accounts. its not good. some ones sharing it with you and you want to steal the account so that only u cud eat all of the bandwidth?

its just 7 dollars, go fuking buy it.

Sure, easy thing! We all have PayPal accounts, we all love to buy something instead of getting it for free...
"its not good." Sure it isn't. Life is unfair as well, so what?
What would you do if you saw a public account till Apr 19, with bandwidth exhausted and with thousands of users ready to get it as soon as it's refilled? You share the account, but there's nothing you can do with it! Personally, I'm waiting for a solution to the Security-Lock problem, and if I'm a bloody dog I don't really care.

if anything you are getting for free than why to waste your money to buy it . YOU FOOLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

how to hack security lock.... Have you hacked it ?

I got an account but when I use that account again server replies that your password is incorrect what the hell is this>>>>>>

I know this is not good to change the password but >>>>...

guys,stealing an account and sharring it with 6 different ip addresses will make the password change and a mail will come to the owner.I know because i hacked a Gmail account last night and i saw that his RS account was hacked.I saw a bank account and downloaded the .pdf fikle but unfortunately it needed a password to open....BAAH....

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