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RedPill, BluePill And NoPill Windows 8 Activator's And Features Unlocker Download Available

While KMS Activator For Windows 8 allows users to not only bypass the time-bomb and activate Windows 8 but also unlock hidden features, there are few other tools available to get the job done.

"RedPill" was one of the very first tool allowing users to unlock hidden Windows 8 features but involved manual hacking, a better alternative "BluePill" is now available allowing easy Windows 8 activation and unlock. Want more, try "NoPill" yet another Windows 8 Activator and Unlocker supporting Automatic ownership and full control of files, genuine Windows 8 activation, Ribbon Explorer UI, Touch Pattern Login, Enable Full DWM (No blur on Aero), Immersive Browser, Modern Webcam (MoCam), Modern PDF Reader, Metro UI for Welcome OOBE, Login, Lockscreen and System Settings, Aero Auto Colorization and Theme Login Screen Image (buggy) unlocks.

NoPill Download For Windows 8
BluePill Download For Windows 8


please where is the download link?


where is the download link plz send to me

where is the download link plz send to me

where is the download link plz send to me

where is the download link plz send to me

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