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How To Reset iPod, iPhone & iTouch

If you own a Apple iPod, iPhone or iTouch you may encounter the rare but irritating device freeze, there could be several reasons for such freeze, the very first step you should take is to try and reset/restart the device and see if it works, use the following method to reset your apple devices:

  1. Reset iPhone & iTouch - Press and hold Sleep/Wake button and Home button at the same time (see image below) for at least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  2. Reset iPhone

    More Information About iPhone Troubleshooting >>
  3. Reset iPod - follow instructions here according to your iPod version.


my itouch doesnt work anymore after i tried to downgrade my itouch so i could use jailbreak but i cant get the recoverypackage because it says that there is something wrong with my internetconnection but there is nothing wrong with it and now is my itouch useless because i cant do anything with it now,,,, HELP ME!!

omg that sucks 4 u

thank you. my iphone hangs a lot

Thanks for this tip. My iphone hangs a lot too. I wonder if theres a permanent solution to that.

Thanks! This helped a lot.

when i instal the instaler my itouch dont do evything its frezzin and when i try to re-start it jux gose back to the apple screem bt wont show the cable and this disc can some one help me pleiszzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..!! email is and my myspace thnxzzzz

Got a new iPod Touch for Christmas. Clicked to download the 2.2 upgrade and it never made it past "Verifying iPod software..." I have connected and disconnected it several times. Now the iPod screens shows a CD with a musical note on top of it and the connector with an arrow no matter what I do. Any ideas on how to get it to finish the upgrade? It doesn't respond to turning it off and on.

Did you get an answer ot this as I have the same problem?

My itouch also froze after downloading 2.2 upgrade. I tried to reset it but nothing changes. Does anyone know what to do to fix this problem?

This definetely works. Thanks.

i jailbroke my itouch couple months ago and today at school, when i shut off my itouch and turned it back on,it will show the pineapple sign but it won't ever start to the menu screen again. someone plase help me.

muchas gracias sirvio perfecto

how to restore even if home and power button on pressed at the same time, charging icon and itunes icon still pop up over and over after apple icon comes on when resetting/restoring??? pleeeasseee heelllppp

my itouch will not charge by the usb or the wall. i plug it in and it pops on and the apple icon shows but then just starts blinking off and on with a white screen and wont let me do anything. plz help if you can...

ty man i was about to return it! wow ! ty!

thanks soooooooooooooooooo much! my brothers itouch broke and he got so pissed and i started searching online how to make it work. and i saw this comment, tryed it and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks so much!
ur a life saver!

how did you fix it ? please help me

Thanks so much :)
The home button started not working so i pressed the top and middle buttons to test if they were working to take a screen shot and it had been a white screen for aaages until i found this

I recently jailbroke my itouch and i want to factory reset but it wouldn't let me do it. Can you please help me? please send me an email

umm,,, welll my itouch whenever i plug it to the computer it says that there is a camera connected and i want to put songs on there. and i cant upgrade my itunes to 7.0 can you help me email me at

omfg, thanks sooo much. this helped alot. the ipod was bought from someone and it had a code on it. couldnt break it! thanks though, this really works!

omg thanks some kid got my ipod and put a lock and i couldnt get it unlocked so thanks so much!!!!!!!!:)

I have a wireless internet and i was hooked up to it 2 days ago. I can't seem to get hooked up to it anymore. When I go to wi-fi networks and it shows that its there, but when i touch it to hook up, it says that its unable to join the network.
Can someone tell me what is going on?

yayay it worked, i cant thank u enough!

i was feeling so depressed at the thought of losing my phone, this is my second iphone, the first got stolen ... so you are an absolute life saver ... it works :)))))


My phone froze and it wouldn't turn off. Wasn't sure what to do and found this. Resetting worked. By pressing and holding Sleep/Wake at the top and Home button at the same time for about 10 seconds (or until the screen went black) and turned it back on and it working fine. THANKS so much for help!!!

So you bought an itouch and you screwed with it and now it doesn't work. Maybe you should have just used it the way it was designed. DAAAAAA!!!!!!

thank God it works!!!
i owe from you guys!
than you sooo much!

Thanks for this post - its awesome. Really appreciate it.

thank you so much! my itouch froze...i can't view my videos, can't even play my music...i tried resetting it and now it's working...thank you so much for your help!!!!

i cant unlock my itouch...i put a security code and forgot it.and now i cant unlock to use it. i can only use the music when locked, but cant access anything else. how do i unlock it now?

my son the DOUGHNUT that he is changed the security code on his i touch now cant remember what it is please help it cost me a lot of money now its as useless as a chocolate watch

my password was written down then lost and i cant get it unlocked! help plz!

girlfriend set a code on my i phone and i cant get it off how can i reset my phone and get password off

OMG you have no idea how much of a life-saver you are!!

I reset my phone after it was frozen. I thought everything was working fine, but now I have no sound. It doesn't ring, and I can't hear anything when I dial/receive a call. heeellllp!


My touch screen does not works fine with some games what could be the cause ? Specially with cricket and can I run myLeather Directory database in ms. access format on my itouch

forgot password need to reset

my son doesnt remember his passcode digits for his new i touch pleeeeeeeaase help

I have a 5th generation iPod video and I can't remember the code anymore, so I tried this and the volume is still locked. Help, please?

it worked for me. My volume limit is reset now.

Thanks for your help. The stupid update froze my ipod and it wouldn't budge! thanks alot for the help !

Youtube is my answer to everyhing and it was down for a bit and my iTouch was frozen so thanks so much!

Hi, i thought that was the end. My phone just got frozen and will not respond to my PIN and even switch off button. When i held the switch and 'Home' button together, it snaped a blank page and remain on screen. I tried everything but could not UNTIL i came across your site and followed your directions. After about 12 secs, i saw the 'apple logo' and i breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks very much.
Frank, NY

have a used unlocked for tmobile iphone 2g need to reset itunes acct.

hold all the way until it shows you a pic to connect to itunes.

i jailbreaked my ipod n later reset it without using itunes. now it won't start and is stuck on the pineapple screen. wat do i do??? PLZZZZZ HELP!!!

I got rid of my iPhone’s freezing problem following your instructions. But I encountered the same problem just the other day. Is there anything else that I could do? I am afraid the method you provided in this post, albeit effective, just offers a temporary fix. I would appreciate it if you could post something that would permanently solve the problem. Thanks!

ok i bought a jailbroken itouch. then I tried to delete the content and now it doesnt start up. Cant Anyone Help?

text me: 650-295-9132

Hi I've tried syncing my itouch multiple times but it just doesn't seem to work. So I checked the options I could use on but every advice they provide is something I've tried before. So, what could be the problem? :(



I have the same problems as yours. Has it been fixed ?

If so, can you pass it on to me.


hey thanx for everything it workerd all fine

I upgraded to the latest itunes and quicktimes and now I am stuck in the restore mode. i get the itunes pic over the usb cord and hit restore on itunes only to get error 9 cannot restore at the very end. Help please.

I bought an i touch from a friend you did't want his any more, he can't remember the passcose to rest the i touch or for his itunes!! Does anyone know what to do?

okay, i havent used my ipod touch for like 2 weeks becuz i left the charger in my locker at school and today when i got it back and plugged it in, all it says that it could not connect becuz there is a passcode on it and i need to insert it to continue. well, all there is on the screen is the little icon thingy saying i need to connect to itunes!!! help


lost my code then my SMART teenage thought he could break the code now the thing is disabled what do i do to reset the code and get back up and running???

Im trying to restore my factory settings on my iphone and its asking for a input password but i don't know it please help me.

ive accidently downloaded the 3.1.3 for itouch is there any way to lose and get 3.1.2

So I'm tryin to reset my itouch and I can't. The volume button and the sleep button on the top will not work anymore. This is why it's difficult to reset. Please help me!

i jailbreaked my itouch n later reset it without using itunes. now it won't start and is stuck on the pineapple screen. wat do i do??? PLZZZZZ HELP!!!


Thanks. I tried it and it restarted. Guess it needed some overdue rest. lol

Does this trick works on iPhone 3GS? and Ipad? Thanks a lot!

if you reset will i loose info or music

No it's just a simple device restart and not a restore so your music and info are safe.

i am using itouch ,unlikly i put password on restrication ,but i forgot my pasword ,wat should i do , i cannot reset my ipod since they are asking my password , help me pls,

Thank you so much!

my ipod 30gig is back to normal !! thank you

My ITouch crashed on me while trying to download a show from ITunes. I got it to reset, but when connecting to ITunes to Restore IPOD Software it gets about 25% complete and then freezes up. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.

1. hold ur power and menu button until the iphone or i touch appears in a black screen
2. hold menu button
3. while still holding menu button, plug it in the computer
4. restore your ipod.

and voila. thats it :) f*ckng retards :)))

it is simply amazing :D

thanks it works!! OMG thank u!!

Followed the instructions above, worked like charm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

Works great! I forgot my passcode and my ipod was disabled but thx to your instrctions it totally works!

Funciona perfectamente como dice en este tutorial :)

can I do the same process in the iPhone

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