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[Speedtest Video] Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs Apple iPhone 6S

Flagship cell-phone speedtest wars are very popular and specially when they are from rival camps of Apple iOS vs Google Android, here is a good real-world speed-test comparison video between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Apple iPhone 6S.


Not taking into consideration the very low resolution of the iPhone 6S which will for sure make it run apps and games much much faster is not fair at all. The Note7 has almost double the pixels to deal with when running all these apps. Luckily you can lower the resolution on the note7 as part of it's battery saving mode and try again to make it a test worthy of seeing. Thanks

It's not about how much pixels you are able to pump but what is the "REAL WORLD USAGE" scenario i.e. the experience you will get from the device when using in day-to-day life. A car engine mated to a truck is not going to offer user the experience they expect from the truck.

I kind of agree with you but to put it in another way, it's more like comparing a luxury car to a race car. You don't expect a Mercedes Benz to beat a race car but it's all about the overall quality and experience. I think that the iPhone 6S is so much behind the note7 or the S7 in every other aspect. At the end of the day you won't be disappointed about the speed of them also. Thanks for your reply

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