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Speaktoit Assistant - The Siri Alternative on Google Android Phones Now Comes to iOS

Speaktoit, the top-rated virtual assistant app on Android since launching in October 2011, has come to Apple’s iOS platform. Whereas Siri, Apple’s homegrown virtual assistant, only works on the iPhone 4S, Speaktoit will give older iPhone their very own assistant that performs most of the same tasks as Siri (and even some that Siri cannot do, such as updating a user’s Facebook page). Speaktoit is now available for $1.99 on the App Store. However, on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), Speaktoit will be free to the first 100,000 people.

Speaktoit Assistant is a virtual buddy for your iPhone or iPod that uses natural language technology to answer questions, find information, and connect you with various web services, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Evernote, and many others.
The Assistant works with your device to get maps, search for news and images, look up weather reports, convert currency and measurements, send email, and much more.
No need to memorize special commands or complex interfaces - simply speak or type in everyday language and the Assistant will understand and respond with what you need.

You can also choose Assistant's appearance whether it be pretty blonde or brunette girl, handsome agent or old professor.

Get it from iTunes store : (Remember the app will be free on valentine day i.e. tomorrow)

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