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Bill Gates Telling Steve Jobs The Bright Side Of iPhone Jailbreaking !

Funny Comic

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Steve Jobs And Bill Gates Sharing Thoughts Over iPhone Jailbreak


Did Billy Gates Jailbreaked his Iphone and had fun with all available Soft/Gates?

Bill Gates is nothing but a d**k when compared to Steve. Bill stole a lot of stuff from Mac for Windows shit.

Jealous from Bill Gates or Microsoft !!!

What you know about Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Microsoft is still world's no. 1 software co.

tell me how many softwares you are using are legal, Geniune or purchased ???

answer is - nothing.

Don't post any comment on "Microsoft or Bill Gates stole anything from Mac or sun Micro systems" !!!




F##K ITUNES AND APPLE ALL THEY WANT IS PPL MONY F##K THEM ALL i will never buy anything from them i hope all of them choke and die

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