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[Video] Mozilla and Foxconn unveils the first Firefox OS tablet

While big brands like LG, Sony and ZTE have plans to release Firefox OS powered devices, Foxconn has already taken the lead by unveiling their first tablet powered by truly open-source and free Firefox OS. Foxconn which is big OEM manufacturer for brands like Apple, Acer and Dell said they are working on atleast 5 devices including a tablet which was showcased in a video (shared below).

Firefox OS
Foxconn Made Firefox OS Tablet
Firefox OS Introduction
Firefox OS First Look


I think FireFox did a smart move there, I mean if FireFox os is as open as they claim, that means it's more open than andriod & ios ofcourse, and I think this will probably get really famous.

lol.. how can you be MORE open then fully available source.. that is android!!

This is why Android is not open :

a). It is fully open-source as core Google Apps included are closed-source. See -
b). It can be open-source but not fully open as Google places various restrictions on it's usage. See -
c). Google has vested commercial interest in tracking and showing advt. to make revenue from Android, so they cant be fully open as in the term coined "open-source".

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