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[Video] Calling NSA for retrieval of accidentally deleted email ?

A lot got exposed about NSA snooping, intercepting and storing our e-mail's by Edward Snowden. Taking this fact into account, one guy decided to do a prank and called NSA about loosing an e-mail asking them for it's backup !!

Do watch the Part-I and Part-II of this viral youtube video shared below.

SpyNet from NSA

[Video] Amazing Things People Do - 2012

First day of the New Year 2013, and here is an awesome video compilation of some amazing acts from the past year giving you an inspiration what can be done in new year.

[Video] My Blackberry Is Not Working

A funny video on Blackberry, Apple and Dongles !!! Do watch it till the end ;)

Dial-up sound slowed 700% gets really creepy

Remember those old signature dial-up handshake tones, now somebody slowed down it 700% and the result is some really creepy track. Watch the video and you will agree this could surely qualify for a horror film soundtrack.

Modem creep

[Video] iPod Magic - Deceptions

This is digital age, and here is an awesome video demonstration of new age magic trick using iPod. Do mind that no camera tricks are used in this video and all this is actually done "live" in one continuous take.

iPod Magic

Geeky Video Showing Future of Screen Technology

Amazed by current generation of touchscreen computing, here is a must see glimpse of what's in store for future.

Future Display Tech

[Video] The Google Master Plan

The Google Master Plan

We have seen humorous videos and pics on Google's increasing domination in our life and the privacy nightmare it creates - here is a serious video showing Google's increasing power and their "Master Plan".

Sword Dance and Shadowgraph - Visually Stunning Video Of Samurai Action And CGI

Awesome video of Samurai sword fighting action coupled with impressive computer-generated imagery (CGI) resulting in a perfect video which got viral on Youtube, full-video after the jump.

Samurai Action
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