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WeChat Video Ads Depicts Mark Zuckerberg To Show Off Their Superior Features

Mark Zuckerberg took industry by surprise by offering $19 Billion USD to get WhatsApp under the facebook nameplate, and the valuation has certainly made WhatsApp competition to get more aggressive. The second in line after WhatsApp, WeChat with a userbase of 355 million users has started a new messaging wars by releasing videos advertisement depicting Mark Zuckerberg to promote their app showing how are they offering a superior product then WhatsApp. Enjoy, both the new video ads from WeChat shared below.

WeChat Vs WhatsApp

[Video] Google Blackmail Is Finally Here For You...

Google finally takes out it's nuke to get you all.

Google Blackmail

[Video] My Blackberry Is Not Working

A funny video on Blackberry, Apple and Dongles !!! Do watch it till the end ;)

[Video] - Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 has been a huge improvement to it's ancestors, it's faster, sleeker, feature rich and good looking. Microsoft advertised IE9 as a faster and future technology proof application with smooth animations and HTML5 magic. Now, here is a funny parody take on that commercial labelled "Internet Explorer 9 Commercial - The Honest version".

IE9 Commercial

Dial-up sound slowed 700% gets really creepy

Remember those old signature dial-up handshake tones, now somebody slowed down it 700% and the result is some really creepy track. Watch the video and you will agree this could surely qualify for a horror film soundtrack.

Modem creep

[Video] Creative Trick To Get A Job On Twitter

A nice innovative video demonstrating how some talented creative professionals used twitter to get a job at an awesome agency.

Twitter Job Hustle

[Video] iPod Magic - Deceptions

This is digital age, and here is an awesome video demonstration of new age magic trick using iPod. Do mind that no camera tricks are used in this video and all this is actually done "live" in one continuous take.

iPod Magic

Facebook Osama Bin Laden Execution Video Scam

As with any popular world event, the recent killing of world's most wanted terrorist "Osama Bin Laden" by American forces in Pakistan has provided another opportunity to exploit common users curiosity for perpetuating malicious intents of scammers, a wave of viral fake “Osama EXECUTION video” wall-posts are making Facebook users victim while trying to get their hands on the non-existent Osama bin laden death video.

Osama Bin Laden Execution Video

[Video] The Google Master Plan

The Google Master Plan

We have seen humorous videos and pics on Google's increasing domination in our life and the privacy nightmare it creates - here is a serious video showing Google's increasing power and their "Master Plan".

The Chase Film - Awesome Geeky Viral Video By Intel Showing Multi-tasking Capabilities Of Processors

If you love fun geeky videos like Java Vs .Net Battle shared earlier, here is another one for you from Intel. Going absolutely viral on Youtube "The Chase Film" is aimed to create excitement around the 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor demonstrating it's performance capabilities in a fun and action packed way. The video shows a action-movie styled chase sequence taking place through a wide variety of program windows on a computer desktop, full-video available after the jump.

Viral Video
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