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Amazing YouTube Videos

[Video] "Battlefield 1" - The Most Liked Trailer In YouTube History Vs "Call Of Duty : Infinite Warfare" - The Most Disliked Trailer In YouTube History

[Video] Land Rover Debuts The 'Transparent' Car Technology And It's Super Useful

[Video] - Shit Apple Fanatics Say Part 1 and Part 2

Dial-up sound slowed 700% gets really creepy

Remember those old signature dial-up handshake tones, now somebody slowed down it 700% and the result is some really creepy track. Watch the video and you will agree this could surely qualify for a horror film soundtrack.

Modem creep

[Video] - Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal

New Apple iPhone 4S TV Advt. With Santa And Siri

Apple is placing high bets on it's iPhone 4S voice control utility "Siri", to highlight the feature Apple is airing a new advertisement on television showing Santa with Siri - the full advt. is available for your pleasure after the jump.

Santa And Siri

Geeky Video Showing Future of Screen Technology

Amazed by current generation of touchscreen computing, here is a must see glimpse of what's in store for future.

Future Display Tech

Google’s Self-Driving Car Videos

We have seen this in science fiction movies and now it seems to become a reality as Google demoed there self-driven smart cars at ongoing TED 2011 conference, just feed-in the destination you want to reach and this automatic self-driven car packed with numerous sensors and powerful computer will get you there on it's own without any driver.

Don't believe, watch the videos after the jump.

The Google Car Demo

Sword Dance and Shadowgraph - Visually Stunning Video Of Samurai Action And CGI

Awesome video of Samurai sword fighting action coupled with impressive computer-generated imagery (CGI) resulting in a perfect video which got viral on Youtube, full-video after the jump.

Samurai Action

Cool New Interactive YourTube Videos

YouTube recently introduced functionality to create interactive videos with annotation, and results are starting to appear, with users using the functionality to create some brilliant interactive entertaining videos, click the image below to checkout this amazing interactive magic card trick.

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