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Cheaper iPhone 4

All New Apple iPhone 4S Officially Launched - Details, Price, Pictures And Video

While Google Android is eating away the Apple iOS dinner as it's already surpassed the gross usage numbers and new Android mobile-os powered devices are popping-out almost a few weeks, as not-expected Apple has let down it's fans by just releasing a not-so-major successor to company's flagship mobile phone "iPhone 4" - named "Apple iPhone 4S". As everybody was eagerly awaiting a brand new, feature rich "Apple iPhone 5" the rumors are now put to a rest as Apple's new phone (Apple iPhone 4S) is now officially unveiled and there is no iPhone 5 for the time-being.

Complete specifications of new Apple iPhone 4S with features, images, rates, availability, and videos posted after the jump.

Apple's Asian Suppliers Building A Cheaper 8GB iPhone Rumored To Be Released With iPhone 5

Under some surprising new developments in Apple iPhone 5 rumors, according to latest news company's suppliers in Asian countries has already started manufacturing a lower-priced version of hot-selling iPhone 4 - the new variant is said to have a smaller 8 gigabyte flash drive letting Apple compete with cheaper Google Android phones.

The official announcement of cheaper 8 GB model of the popular iPhone 4 is expected to be made public with release of highly anticipated iPhone 5 this September. The new low-price iPhone (which is also called as iPhone 4S) is rumored to have a bigger touch screen, better antenna and an 8-megapixel camera.

Cheaper Apple iPhone 4 - New 8 GB Model
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