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Movavi Screen Recorder

How to Record Live Streams Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Nowadays you can find live streams of many different types of events, ranging from major sports events to special occasions, concerts, and other celebrations. Because streams are live however you need to be free and able to watch them while they’re being aired – and if you miss out there is no way to go back and watch them later.

While there may not be a way to ‘save’ or ‘download’ live streams normally, what you can do is use Movavi Screen Recorder to record them instead. Because it can capture footage directly from your screen, you can record the live stream and then save it to your hard drive when you’re done.

Movavi Screen  Recorder

Frankly it is extremely straightforward to set up Movavi Screen Recorder so that it records any live stream. Assuming the live stream is already open, you can launch it at any time and draw a frame to encompass the video using your mouse cursor. Alternatively you could use one of the presets under ‘Capture Area’ in the interface.

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