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Downloading BitTorrent Files Anonymously

BittorrentYour IP address can reveal a lot about you, and if you are concerned about privacy while downloading torrent files and surfing the web or are getting blocked because of internet censorship, using proxy servers and VPN services is an solution to the problem but both require paid services for fast access and bandwidth intensive usage, but not anymore as all new free internet anonymity service BitBlinder promises to protect your identity by hiding your IP address and allowing private web-browsing and torrent downloading at fast speeds.

The multi-platform, open-source application BitBlinder is currently in Beta and makes use of TOR network for creating encrypted anonymous connections between peers, every user is required to contribute by relaying data for others making the network fast and efficient.

Private Torrent Downloading

The application features a anonymous BitTorrent client and an anonymous private browser (tweaked version of Firefox) for complete online anonymity.

BitBlinder Main Interface

BitBlinder Main Screen

Anonymous BitTorrent Client
Anonymous BitTorrent Client

Anonymous Web-browser
Anonymous Private web-browser

To use you need to register for a free account and download the client, initially you are allotted 9 GB of free usage, relaying data for other peers add upto your account balance which you can use for anonymous downloading and surfing, if you want to test-drive the service before registering use the login information provided below.

Username : MegaTech
Password :


I tried it out, both the web program and bitorrent one are both really, really slow. To be expected, but still, like all other programs of this kind, make it useless... because downloading requires speed...

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It was quite ok for me, the speed depends on peers near to you as more and more users connect to the swarm you get better speeds.

Great news. But if I want to overcome internet censorship and use proxy directly in the browser and if my ISP does not allow that. How do we do it? I tried many Hide my IP software, but everytime it's the same problem. But if you want only US proxy, and you have the same problem as mine, better use HOT SPOT shield. It works.


ottimo link


I have tried several times to access the BitBlinder Website and it won't load. The connection has timed out.

Any suggestions??


I simply want to circumvent torrent blocking by COX. They blocked ALL torrenting, even legal ones. I also cannot access bitblinder site either. connection always reset.

The application and website are no longer available, you can Google to download it from third-party websites (make sure to scan downloads with anti-virus). Since, the app was last updated in 2011 I am pretty sure it must be non-functional by now.

You can use a VPN to bypass torrenting restrictions.

Now you can directly use an Proxy Server in Windows 10, or tools like Proxifier using IP:PORT from public Proxy List

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