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Free Windows Task Manager

Supercharged Windows Task Manager Replacement

AnVir Task ManagerDefault Windows Task Manager provides a simple, easy to understand list of all the running process's on your computer, but if you are a power users and need to diagnose thing's out this information is not sufficient.

AnVir Task Manager is a free but powerful replacement for the default Task manager, loaded with all the tools you will ever need for advanced computer process diagnosis, the software provides detailed information about every process that is running, and about applications running automatically on Windows startup with all the hidden applications.

System tray CPU Load

The interface looks cluttered and overloaded with information, but once you start using, its pretty easy. The main interface is divided into five tabs Startup, Applications, Processes, Services and Log, providing all the information you will ever need to know from the respected function, while loaded into the memory AnVir task manager displays detailed system information like CPU Load, Most CPU using process, disk load and temperature with process network usage statics via tooltips in system tray.

AnVir Task ManagerAnVir Task Manager
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