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Activating Google Voice Account From Outside USA

Google Voice LogoAfter a long wait I finally received my Google Voice invite but it refused to activate from outside USA throwing the error below, this error can be easily bypassed using an USA proxy but it further needed an USA local phone number to confirm the activation.

Google Voice Outside USA

To get past the local phone number confirmation all you need to do is to grab a free USA incoming number as discussed in earlier post and use it to activate your Google Voice account outside America, you can find the detailed procedure ahead.

Steps to activate your Google Voice account outside USA :

  1. Get an free USA incoming number and configure it to receive calls as described in earlier post.
  2. Use an USA proxy or VPN to open the Google Voice invite activation link in your web-browser, if you tried earlier delete your cookies or use another browser.
  3. Login using your Google account and you will see activation wizard as below.
  4. Google Voice Invite Activation
  5. You can search for numbers of your choice, after selecting a number click Continue, you will now need to enter a PIN code.
  6. Google Voice Secret PIN Code
  7. Now, you will get prompted for a USA phone number where you can receive the call and confirm your account.
  8. USA phone number
  9. Enter the US phone number you reserved in Step 4 from the earlier post and click Continue.
  10. Google Voice Number
  11. Click Call Me Now and you should receive the call on your desktop softphone.
  12. Google Voice Call

    Google Voice Incoming Call

  13. "Accept" the call.
  14. Accept Call
  15. Now activate the Keypad/Dialpad as you need to dial your confirmation code.
  16. Confirm Google Voice Account
  17. Use the dialpad to enter the two digit confirmation code asked for in Step 7 above.
  18. Dialpad
  19. Congratulations, your account should now be activated.
  20. Google account Activated Successfully


So, Google has been sending out invites, not just saying they have? hehe. How long ago did you request for an invite?

Google says this service is just for previous GrandCentral users
and no way to sign up to GrandCentral now.
is here anyway to sign up?can you invite me?


I had finally got an invite & had deleted it. Now I can use it.

Thank you!

THanks a lot man finally got it moving and it works great

What use is of this if we CAN NOT use international phones as forwarding phones?

How do i use a usa proxy?

How do I use a USA proxy

i live in argentina.
For activate the account i use
Ultrasurf + really easy
Esquel Chubut Argentina

hello Nicholas, how can u can press the google code in the bueno phone pad?


hello i register in sipgate and install progam but i have a problem , i can login in site but i cant login in program and program have login error ,
any body can help me? plz pm me or reply here

thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get a sipgate number? I've used the vpn as suggested but it states it wants to send me a text message to a us mobile, which I do not have?


Please help me with a Google Voice invitation to

Thanks and God bless u.

The securities have been Beefed up and now
sipgate also employs the Number verification security

after the us number is verified only the sipgate is allowing to signup with the smsed invitation code.

so for the folks who would like to pass / beat the security of fone verification for SIPGATE and Google Voice a bad news

Not working anymore !

Please send me in invite to use on my Google Android phone. My email:

Hello all,
Can you please send me a Google voice invitation?

Please help me with a Google Voice invitation to

Please send me an google voice inv please anyone : ) ! email:

No invitation required. Here is from their web site

We're open -- no invitation required! Create an account or just sign in with your existing Google Account.

Hey, I stay in India.
I have a google voice account but I need any software to run a US proxy.
please help !
Reply if you can help me,


get google voice calling outside the USA.

can anyone invite me in google voice please. thank you so much appreciated

i can login in site but i cant login in program and program have login error ,
any body can help me? plz pm me or reply her

This is long awaiting things for me.

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