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Windows Safe Mode

Enabling Application Installation And Removal In Windows Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode can be a life-saver in situations when the operating-system becomes unbootable or unstable to diagnose and fix, the specialized troubleshooting mode available in all versions of Windows OS loads only core system services bypassing any culprit application or driver preventing normal operation of the system.

Sadly, one of the most needed functionality of installing and uninstalling applications is disabled in safe-mode blocking installation of useful troubleshooting utilities like anti-virus software in time of need. luckily, we can enable this must-have troubleshooting feature using the simple trick posted next.


Windows 7 Safe Boot Mode For Troubleshooting

Windows Safe Mode comes pretty handy in fixing Windows Operating system errors caused due to poorly configured software drivers and virus's making the OS unbootable or unstable for diagnosis, similar to earlier versions of Microsoft Windows the upcoming Operating System Windows 7 features the familiar safe boot troubleshooting mode, today after installing some software's on my virtual Windows 7 installation it started to BSOD and reboot without giving me a chance to check the event manager to see what is causing the BSOD, the only option I was left was to boot into safe and see the Windows event log for troubleshooting the crash.

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Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death

The Easy Way To Boot Into Windows Safe Mode

Windows Safe Mode is a special troubleshooting mode for Windows OS loading only core system services and files, the most used method to boot into safe mode is to keep pressing F8 key after starting the computer, another easy way to boot into safe mode would be to use MSCONFIG booting options.

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