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Hack iPhone

Airtel Dares Hackers To Crack Their Version Of iPhone

Airtel iPhoneIn an interview given to Indiatimes, Airtel's IT director Jai Menon claimed that the Airtel version of the iPhone 3G is hacker-proof and even the most talented hackers on the planet won’t be able to crack the iPhone’s Airtel applications with other SIMs.

Airtel claimed that even if a hacker manages to get another provider's SIM card to work with on Airtel iPhone 3G, they would still be locked out of Airtel-specific applications like Airtel Live and mCheck, With no access to Airtel Live they wont be able to access any text, audio, video, static images, music or gaming options available on the preloaded Airtel Live portal.

It's very surprising to see Airtel locking their iPhone's even when Indian customers are paying Rs. 31,000/- (~ US$715) and a fully working unlocked iPhone (non 3G for now) from grey market is easily available under Rs. 24000/-, being a Airtel customer myself, I would suggest Airtel and their tech team to invest more efforts in improving the quality of their service instead of making such non-worthy statements as nobody is going to put efforts in cracking this pricey iPhone just for using Airtel Live.

QuickPwn - Free Tool From iPhone Dev Team To JailBreak iPhone Quickly And Easily

The famous iPhone Dev Team have released another iPhone Jailbreaking utility - "QuickPwn", as the name suggest the Windows only batch files let users jailbreak iPhone more quickly and easily without requiring a full restore, the software is labeled as pre-release developmental snapshot so better handle with care.

QuickPwn iPhone Jailbreaking

How To Downgrade iPhone Firmware v 2.0 To Earlier Versions

Bricked iPhoneIf you upgraded to the latest iPhone firmware version 2.0 by mistake and bricked your iPhone or don't like the new upgrade here are simple to follow step by step instructions to restore iPhone or iPod Touch to an earlier firmware of your choice.

  1. Uninstall iTunes 7.7 and Install iTunes 7.5.
  2. Connect your phone to computer via USB.
  3. Turn off the phone.
  4. Place your phone in DFU mode (Device Firmware Upgrade) as described below:
  • Push and hold Home and Power buttons on your phone simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Release the Power button but keep holding Home until the computers beeps recognizing the USB device.
  • You should be in DFU mode now.
  • Download and save your desired iPhone and iPod Firmware Version Files.
  • Now go ahead with the restore to your desired iPhone firmware using iTunes 7.5, to do so simply Hold down Shift key and press the Restore button in iTunes.
    Restore iPhone
  • Select your iPhone restore file to continue.
  • Once restored you can Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone using various other methods.
  • Here are the video instructions for the steps above.

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