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Windows 7 Preview

Windows 7 Build 7106 Leaked And Available For Download

Windows 7 Build 7106Here is yet another probable Windows 7 RC build leaked onto torrent portals, the latest Windows 7 copy to leak has a build tag 7106.0.090408-1623 but it is still to be verified as an genuine leak and not somebody faking the build tags, the screenshot below shows a Chinese version but English versions of the leak are also reported to be available and should soon spread like fire, the following English version build strings are reported to have been leaked and seen in wild :


Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7106

Windows 7 Beta Leaked Version Could Corrupt Your MP3's

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 Beta 1 which got leaked and cracked a few days ago, is being reported to corrupt some MP3 files when used via included Windows Media Player 12, users on forums are reporting data corruption issues because of this bug in Windows 7 beta 1 build 7000 while playing MP3 files using Windows Media Player 12, Approximately 2-3 seconds data will get cut-off from the beginning of MP3s as Windows Media Player 12 tries to retrieve meta-information from internet and write it to any MP3 file with a Meta data header larger than 16KB.

Windows Media Player 12 Bug
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