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Free Web Disk Space

ZumoDrive - Cloud Storage and File Synchronization Service, Exclusive Beta Invites For Our Blog Readers

ZumoDriveMuch awaited free online storage service GDrive launch seems nearby, but there is no need to wait for it as their exist lots of good free online file-storage and synchronization services like DropBox, FolderShare, SkyDrive and Box.Net to name a few, to make things even more interesting and competitive we now have a brand new startup to warm-up the online file-storage and synchronization service market, dubbed ZumoDrive the free (upto 1 GB) cloud storage and synchronization service works pretty similar to paid service LiveDrive letting users access there online data like local disk-drive, but with a HUGE difference which is unlike every other service ZumoDrive does not store local copies of your files until you choose to, this approach provides access to unlimited amount of data on your limited capacity devices, to further clarify the approach take this example - you can store as much music files as you like on ZumoDrive and Play your entire music library directly over the air without getting limited by your iPhone storage capacity.

Zumo Local Drive

provides 1 GB free storage with option of paid-upgrades for more space, the service is currently in private beta and requires a invite code to signup, we have been provided with 200 exclusive beta invites codes for our blog readers, so hurry while they last.

LiveDrive - Free WebDisk With Unlimited Data Storage Space

Live Drive LogoWe have discussed quite a few free online web-storage services earlier on this blog, best of them being DropBox offering a simple and safe method to store and synchronize files across computers with ease, New online data storage service LiveDrive is now here to make it even easier, the service is currently in BETA offering unlimited data storage space without any charge during the BETA period, using LiveDrive is dead simple you just save the data on the LiveDrive virtual disk on your computer and your data automatically gets uploaded in the background.

Free Web Disk

You can install LiveDrive on any computer to synchronize and access you files anywhere like a normal disk-drive, add to that you can also access and manage your files and folders anywhere using the simple online manager even on mobile devices like iPhone with ease.

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