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iPhone Prank

New Hacker Tool Allows Stealing Personal User Data From iPhone

iPhone SecurityAs anticipated few months ago iPhone worm's and viruses have now started to appear in wild, Mac security software provider Intego Security has unveiled a new hacker-tool dubbed iPhone/Privacy.A which utilizes the default SSH password vulnerability in jailbroken iPhone's to gain access to iPhone's data enabling hackers to steal users email, contacts, SMS's, calendars, photos, music files, videos and virtually anything on users device.

iPhone Hacking Toolkit

Written in Python the iPhone hacking utility allows hackers access to victim devices from computer's running Windows, OSX/Unix and Linux allowing them to do anything with stolen data, to prevent yourself from this and similar threat's all you need to is to change the default SSH password on jailbroken iPhone's and iPod's following the simple how-to guide provided next.

iPhone Trojan And Viruses Are Here !

iPhone AntiVirusYou may soon need an anti-virus solution for your Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices as there seem to be an increasing number of reports claiming virus and trojan outbreaks on jail-broken iPhones, almost an year ago iPhone Trojan named '113 prep' created quite a buzz being the first virus/Trojan for iPhone appearing onto the radar, now iPhone users are reporting strange message popups on there devices.

iPhone Virus

Despite this being suggested as an iPhone Virus or Trojan by some forum members I am very much sure that it is nothing more then a prank, but considering the current scenario of increasing number of jail-broken iPhones having ability to install unverified cracked applications this can soon lead to make malware creators target these devices.

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