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Wireless Charger

World's First Smartphone Wireless Charging Monitor

[Video] WattUp : Multi-device, Software Controlled, Wire-free Charging Upto 15 feets

Wireless charger logoInductive wireless chargers are pretty common these days but still require a user to place their devices on the coil-plate or very near to it, new technological progress like COTA Wireless Charger have already opened a whole new world of true wire-free charging and new solutions have started to join the race.

WattUp is a technology which takes the wireless charging concept to a whole new level utilizing dedicated wire-free energy routers allowing electronic devices like cell phones, wearables, tablets, cameras, lighting, remote controls, games, toys and more to get charged from a single base charger. The beauty of the system lies in the fact that all this can be managed and controlled from a software on your devices, allowing the user to Prioritize device charging, manage users, receive charge level alerts, provide instant feedback and control of the wire-free charging environment.

Do watch the hands-on video demonstration of the technology shared ahead.

Cota : Wireless Electricity Transfer Is A Reality Now...

We have seen Wireless charging solutions like Palm Pre Touchstone and eCoupled, both of which requires devices (power provider and the device being charged) to be in physical contact with each other to transfer electricity which is not exactly the picture which comes to one's mind when hearing the term "Wireless Charging".

Cota is the name of brand new revolutionary technology which will deliver the expected behaviour of a real "wireless charging" solution, Cota can transmit electricity wirelessly at up to 30 feets and that to focussed at a particular device using radiation safe as WiFi signals. The Cota technology consists of a charger and a receiver, the inherently safe technology can deliver wireless electrical power up to from a central transmitter to multiple devices. Receivers will be built into devices or batteries which will get automatically charged, imagine the utility where you can simply buy a Cota enabled standard battery, inset into your device and forget getting bugged about charging/replacing them. Do watch the video demonstration shared below to see this in action.

eCoupled - Now Wirelessly Transfer Power Between Devices For Charging And Automation

Well you can now ask to borrow power from a fellow to charge your device, thanks to the new device-to-device charging innovation eCoupled Technology. The Wireless charging technology has now been around for a while, but eCoupled takes it to a whole new level - just place the two devices back to back and you can use power from one device to top-up charge on another. If this is not good enough there are more automation uses like automatic switching-on the TV when the remote is lifted from the Surface. Do see the video posted below.

eCoupled Tech

This is not all the Wireless charging solution can also be used to perform automated tasks like :

Palm Pre Touchstone - A New Era Of Wireless Charging

Palm PreWhile everybody is eagerly waiting for launch of expected iPhone killer Palm Pre, the phones optional wireless charger Touchstone is also an attention grabber, the puck-sized accessory will allow users to charge Palm Pre without any wires by simply placing the device on the Touchstone, the magnetic charging system even aligns your phone in the correct position automatically whether in portrait or landscape mode.

Palm Pre Touchstone Charger Docked

The technology seems very promising and will do wonders if a universal charger is developed for all devices based on the technology starting a new era of clutter-free wireless chargers.

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