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Facebook Application

Download Leaked Official Facebook Messenger App For Windows

Official Facebook Messenger application's has been available for mobile platforms like iOS and Android since quite some time now, and Facebook soon plans to penetrate your desktops with their native application for Windows OS.

While not YET officially announced the "Facebook Chat"/"Facebook Messenger" for Windows can now be grabbed from Facebook servers, the private installation file URL which was not supposed to go public is now leaked and can be downloaded and installed by anybody directly from Facebook. Direct download links and more screen-captures after the jump.

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows

HotPrints - Free Printed Photobook With International Shipping For Everyone

Free PhotobookNow, this is too good to miss - a professional looking high-quality custom printed photobook with your pictures for free including international shipping, and guess what you can get them free month after month as you are allowed one free printed photobook each month.

HotPrints allows users to create professional looking custom photobooks online from Facebook and Bebo, usually the service allows you to get the printed book for $2.99 + shipping but they have now teamed up with advertisers allowing them to distribute free photobooks in lieu of advertisements; but don't worry as the ads will NOT be on the same pages as your photos and all advertisements will be easily removable full page inserts from reputed brands.

Hotprints Photobook
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