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Windows 7

Windows 7 Hack Tool Goes Open-Source, Now Available For Download

Windows 7 HackingFew days ago I posted the most easiest way to hack into any computer running Windows 7, Vista, XP, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora bypassing the login completely, the hack allowed users to bypass the login and access operating-system with root or administrator privileges, Now, two Indian security researchers Vipin Kumar and Nitin Kumar have publicly released their Windows 7 exploit code VBootkit 2.0 as open-source under GPL license allowing hackers to exploit Windows 7 kernel undetected without modifying any files on the disk, the whole process takes place in memory exploiting trusted kernel files with hacker's code allowing them to gain control of the user computer without getting detected.

Using VBootkit To Hack Windows 7

The demonstration download includes fully compiled binary files and source-code with the remote command controlling utility which can be used to send commands to exploited Windows 7 computer.

Free Utility To Check Support For Hardware Virtualization Feature On Your CPU

XP ModeWindows 7 XP Mode is must for users facing incompatible application problems on the latest operating system, but not all users can benefit from this feature as it requires hardware virtualization support from your CPU, the most easiest way to check whether your CPU supports Hardware Virtualization or not would be free portable utility SecurAble, the simple utility won't bog you down with complicated data displaying only three CPU features with bold graphics including processor bit-length, hardware D.E.P. and hardware virtualization support.

SecurAble Screen Displaying CPU Features

Microsoft Windows 7 RC Official Download Links

Windows 7Much awaited Windows 7 RC 1 is now officially available for download from Microsoft servers, you can find direct ISO download links at end of this post, the first release candidate of the upcoming operating system is set to expire on June 1, 2010 giving users plenty of time to test the platform before purchasing.

Using Windows 7 Virtual XP Mode To Run Incompatible Applications

Windows 7 CompatibilityCustom and legacy software application compatibility has always been an issue with newer operating system platforms, and if this is the reason stopping you from upgrading to the latest operating-system technology all new Microsoft Windows Virtual XP Mode is now here for rescue, the XP virtulization technology integrates seamlessly with host system offering a streamlined experience with full backward application compatibility, to check the new Virtual XP Mode in Windows 7 I tested it using popular accounting software Tally 7.2 which is incompatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, launching the application on Windows 7 throws the error as shown below.

Tally On Windows 7

Setting up Virtual XP Mode and making applications work with it is quite easy and simply requires users to install applications on guest operating system, you can follow the easy to setup guide ahead to make non-compatible applications work in Windows 7 using Virtual XP Mode.

Windows 7 Safe Boot Mode For Troubleshooting

Windows Safe Mode comes pretty handy in fixing Windows Operating system errors caused due to poorly configured software drivers and virus's making the OS unbootable or unstable for diagnosis, similar to earlier versions of Microsoft Windows the upcoming Operating System Windows 7 features the familiar safe boot troubleshooting mode, today after installing some software's on my virtual Windows 7 installation it started to BSOD and reboot without giving me a chance to check the event manager to see what is causing the BSOD, the only option I was left was to boot into safe and see the Windows event log for troubleshooting the crash.

Click To Zoom Image

Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death

Windows 7 Build 7032 Screenshots Leaked

After leak of Windows 7 Build 7022 DVD ISO on torrent portals, here is another news from the Windows 7 front - the freshest Windows 7 Build 7032 screenshots are out now, no major UI changes are visible right now but the build is said to include two new themes, Internet Explorer 8, six new wallpapers and small changes to the UI.

Windows 7 Build 7032
Click To Zoom

Windows 7 Screenshots

Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7022 With Internet Explorer 8 RC1 Leaked And Available For Download On Torrent Portals

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 Beta has definitely created a lot of buzz and people were waiting for the next build to get released, if you were among the ones waiting for the next release here is some good news for you, not officially but Windows 7 Build 7022 ISO got leaked and is now available on almost all major torrent portals for downloading.

Try Windows 7 Beta Safely Using Virtual Install Method

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 is still in preview stages but has already gained quite a substantial amount of users trying its first beta, if you are willing to try the new beta without taking any risk with your existing computer configuration, installing it on a virtual machine is the best option, the whole process is very safe and takes around 40 minutes to get completed on a decently powered P4 computer.

A virtual machine installation lets you try Windows 7 inside your existing OS as a guest operating-system, Both Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 and Sun VirtualBox can be used for this purpose, I will be using Sun VirtualBox for this demonstration.

  1. Download and install Sun VirtualBox if not already done.
  2. Download and obtain a license key for Microsoft Windows 7 Beta using instructions provided in the earlier post here.
  3. Now launch VirtualBox and click the New button to start setting up our Windows 7 virtual machine.
  4. VirtualBox

Anti-Malware Software's Compatible With Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7If you have already jumped onto the Windows 7 bandwagon or plan to do so, you might find yourself having a tough time figuring out a compatible security software for the new operating-system still in beta, luckily many antivirus products from reputed security software companies do work with Windows 7 Beta out-of-the-box, here is a list of known working anti-virus solution for Windows 7.

Windows 7 Security Center

While quite a few anti-viral software work on Windows 7, Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows 7 technical preview is the only anti-virus software which is made exclusively for Windows 7 operating system, The prototype includes an antivirus, firewall and anti-spam solution for the upcoming operating-system, users are allowed to try this new version for free on their Windows 7 computers till 23-04-2009.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus For Windows 7

Here is a list of anti-virus applications known to work well on Windows 7:

Windows 7 Beta is Coming !

Windows 7Much awaited Windows 7 Beta release seems to near, the official Microsoft Windows 7 webpage now displays an non-functional Windows 7 Beta download link hinting the upcoming release.

Windows 7 Beta
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