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Paypal Alternative

Alternative Online Payment Solutions to PayPal

Paypal Big
Source: Pixabay

The most popular online payment solution for sending and receiving payments is PayPal and, over the years, it has become the de facto online payment solution for merchants, customers and freelancers. Though a good number of people use PayPal for payment transactions, modern technology has enabled many people to invest in developing new payment technologies and pose a challenge to PayPal by offering low fees with secured and fast transactions.

Flattr - New Micro-payment Service Lets Content Authors Make Money From Small Contributions Socially

FlattrFlattr is a new micro-payment service from the former Pirate Bay spokesperson - Peter Sunde, the service currently in invite only beta makes it possible for content makers to earn money socially collecting Flattr points.

The interesting part is how these points get monetary value - Flattr users set a fixed monthly budget they intend to donate monthly to the stuff they like, at the end of each month the donation money is shared between the creators of the content they liked, confused !, to makes things clear here's the official video demonstration :

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