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[Video] The Google Master Plan

The Google Master Plan

We have seen humorous videos and pics on Google's increasing domination in our life and the privacy nightmare it creates - here is a serious video showing Google's increasing power and their "Master Plan".


Very nice video. I mean as it looks. What it says...

What will they do? Will the read the email - I wrote to my frind - to the girl I love when I don't want to let her know?! Or will they read that I don't like something in my friend?

If you steal softwares from the internet, you watch extrem deviant porno... maybe you need to fear that one day you'll get shamed. I have nothing to fear : )

Conducting research on Molecular biology and genetics? Can I just google my DNA sequence rather than paying US10k to sequence my DNA? Whole genome sequencing is not cheap atm. They cant get my genetic materials without getting a sample cell from me.

They already have genetic samples from you. In fact, they collect it from you 4 times a day when you touch yourself in the bathroom and flush the toilet. The sewer system is a NETWORK of underground tunnels, that gets collected by, none other than.... Google!

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