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Free online virtual disk with unlimited bandwidth and storage space

BookMyCloudOnline storage of your documents and media files not only provides a secure backup but also enables faster sharing and anywhere access.

Almost all popular cloud services like SugarSync, DropBox, SkyDrive offer a free usage tier with paid upgrades for higher storage usage. However, a new cloud service provider BookMyCloud is offering Unlimited storage and bandwidth in the cloud with various advanced features like Multiple Repositories for Multiple Departments/Projects, unlimited virtual folders, unlimited password protected shared folders, publicly downloadable file-links with expiry, ability to view and edit documents online and support for custom domains and free sub-domains to access your online virtual disk.

The interface is simple to use and streamlined with drag-n-drop support, view-n-edit support for documents, code and image files.

Easy drag-n-drop file uploads
Online document viewer and manager
File sharing
Public linking of files
Downloading via public links

The "BookMyCloud" virtual disk also allows users to upload multimedia (audio/video/image) files and have enterprise grade features like automated periodic snapshots of your data to ensure 100% backup and recovery, support for integrated cloud apps for viewing and editing content online, periodic service upgrades with new features, and premium support.

BookMyCloud has three plans Personal, Business and Business Pro and the good news is all plans are free now and can be grabbed at -



As I could anderstand, I was creating a new account in a webpage that was not HTTPS...

So I think I was sending my "infos" in "clear text" : email, password, etc...

No thanks... I'll pass...

Now it's all free, but... for how long? :)

When you create your account they send out your password back to you over open email.

Users beware. !!!

is this cloud storage is really safe?

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