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Tunlr - The easiest way to bypass geographic restrictions and watch video streams from popular online services

We have shared tricks to bypass country restrictions and access streaming video services outside USA, but here is something way easier and FASTER to access all those streaming video/audio services from outside USA.

tunlr - would be without a doubt the most easiest, smartest and fastest service to bypass geographic content restrictions out there. The user simply needs to change there DNS servers on PC/ MAC/Linux/mobile device and they can enjoy a plethora of US and UK geographically restricted streaming audio and video services. The service currently supports audio/video streaming from USA video streaming services like - Netflix, Hulu/HuluPlus, CBS, ABC, MTV, theWB, CW TV, Crackle, NBC, FOX,, PBS, Vevo, History, Lifetime TV; U.S. based audio streaming services - Pandora,,,, iHeartRadio; and Non-U.S. based streaming services BBC iPlayer (UK), Channel4 4oD (UK), iTV Player (UK), Zattoo (Switzerland, German). Mobile apps of most of these services are also accessible from restricted countries via this service, and that's not all tunlr DNS service smartly re-routes and tricks only few data packets (which decides whether a user is from intended country or not) and streams real video and audio directly via high-speed, HD link from original service provider for fastest possible speeds.


As instructed by tunlr - the service is not meant to be used as an regular DNS service as it overloads their infrastructure and they also intentionally make regular DNS queries slower to discourage this. Users can use free utility like DNSJumper to change DNS servers to tunlr only when needed to bypass country restrictions.

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It's not working in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) the country based restrictions here doesn't allow for just a DNS change, it has to be a full on VPN which sucks big time

It should work - as it is BASICALLY acting like an VPN only, but only for content responsible for deciding whether you are from USA or UAE and supplying you the final streaming link directly for best quality and speeds.

I would suggest posting in there forums for support.

works excellent tyvm:)

I was a happy user of tunlr till yesterday when they decided to stop
support for netflix. I understand them creating limited viewing time for
their users but dropping a service altogether is unacceptable :(

I went back to unotelly (same service but paid) and am happy with
them since. They also have some coupons for users coming from tunlr but I
couldn't make use of it because i already had a year long subscription.
But it might still help some other !
The coupon is: iheartnetflix

I think Hotspot Shield ( ) is best solution if we want to bypass geographic web restrictions. It provides US IP address with unlimited bandwidth. Also it is free and easy to use that's why I use it to access blocked sites.

Great article. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”.

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