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Jailbreak And Unlock iPhone 3G Using yellowsn0w

yellowsn0wAfter long-wait and suspense iPhone Dev Team has finally released the only software unlock for iPhone 3G, the unlock is available via Cydia installer for iPhone and is known as yellowsn0w, the application is a small daemon without any GUI which gets launched on boot injecting the payload, here are step-by-step instructions on how to get the 3G unlock working on your device.

  1. Download and install iTunes 8.02 or later from Apple website here.
  2. Connect your iPhone, if you have not upgraded your iPhone to firmware 2.2 you will be asked to do so, download and install the iPhone 2.2 firmware upgrade following the on-screen instructions.
  3. iPhone OS 2.2
  4. After updating to iPhone OS 2.2 you should be having iPhone baseband version 2.28.00, which is required to get this unlock work.
  5. Download QuickPwn 2.2 and 2.2 IPSW file for Jailbreaking your iPhone 3G.
  6. Launch QuickPwn 2.2 and follow on-screen instructions to Jaibreak the iPhone and install Cydia.
  7. Start Unlock
    Quickpwn Unlocking Process Success
  8. Now connect your iPhone to WiFi and launch Cydia, add these new sources :

    For Cydia :
    For Installer :

    Here is how you add source to Cydia.

  9. Now check Changes tab in Cydia and yellowsn0w should be on top, Install yellowsn0w and Run it.
  10. yellowsn0w
  11. Restart iPhone and your phone should be unlocked.

If the above process fails you can check the user-submitted operator specific instructions posted here.


Many cell phone services in other cuntries do not offer wifi services.
How do I install or unlock this phone without wifi service?
When answering remember I am a novice.

I am just wondering do you mean no Wifi service with the phone company or do you mean no Wifi service anywhere? Can you use any Wifi service available or does that have to be with the cell phone provider? I am also a novice and I am curious.

Wifi service anywhere

Has anyone tried the yellowsn0w software? I run it last night on my iPhone 3G, firmware 2.2 and it unlocked it, but it wont pick up any signal, i'm trying to use it on TMobile.. any ideas anyone?

thanks i semi bricked mine, but i could fix it with this guide

I have the 2.3 baseband what do I do?

You can now downgrade iPhone baseband and unlock it using YellowSn0w as usual.

I got a 3G iphone 8G that has version 2.2(5G77) firmware 02.28.00 . I noticed that this iphone keeps dropping wi-fi signal. I have an older iphone 2G that is having full signal throughout my apt. but the 3G does not. Even in the same room where the router is I don't have full signal on the 3G. All my Iphones are unlocked and jailbroken both have Cyndia. Could be this wifi issue fixed by downgrading to 2.1 on the 3G ? If so what is the easiest way?

Any suggestions?



Is there such a thing out there? If so where can I find it.


Hi Evrybody...

I am new to iphone and just purchased new jailbroken Iphone 3gs -16GB

Just today i put passcode on it.One of my frn who were not aware of passcode tried few time and than try to slide. A message with Red color appeared with slide bar that " Slide to swith Off".

He slided and than onwards it's not getting switch on. Any time I am trying it is showing with USB Plug directing towards iTunes on screen.

None of my Buttons are working.
After some time its getting switch off automatically.
And after that USB n itune picture it is not responding.

Kindly Help

does anyone know how to unlock iphone-4... plz help me..

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