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Fixing USB Removable HDD Not Working With Windows 7

On a newly installed "Windows 7" setup my portable USB hard-disk drive failed to get recognized, the strange part was "Windows 7" was able to recognize the external HDD correctly and notices it when it gets plugged in/out but the drive was not shown under "My Computer" or any other drive display option. To get rid of this problem follow the instructions provided below.

Fixing the Windows 7 non-browsable external disk drive issue :

  1. Plug in the external USB hard drive and right-click "My Computer" icon and select "Manage" option.
  2. Now, navigate to "Disk Management" and select the removable disk, right-click this disk and select "Mark Partition as Active".
  3. Once completed, Left click the drive and select "Change Drive Letter and Paths".
  4. Click the “Add” button and proceed allocating a drive letter to the removable drive.
  5. Your removable disk driver should now be visible under "My Computer" ready to start work with.


je le problems avec system windows car c est NOT GENUINE....?????

I have same problem in Vista SP1 with my 3 Tb external disk. Same solution applies. Unfortunately, as I do not have the HDD always plugged on, every time I re-boot the PC or insert the HDD on the PC USB connector, the setting is gone and have to do it all over again. Is there any way to maintain this setting permanent even when shutting down the computer or taking out the HDD?

A very timely topic....Thank you !!

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